After almost 20 years of eating a raw food diet I've learned much about what works best for me. In this video I discuss how I am eating now and the changes I've made over the 20 years of eating a raw food diet.


13 thoughts on “Changes I Made After 20 Years On A Raw Food Diet

  1. Paul, what do you think of wheatgrass?  From my basic understanding, it contains valuable minerals such as selenium.  (I avoid tree nuts, so brazil nuts are “off the menu”.)  Also, you say that you avoid spices.  What about the reported goodness in spices such as turmeric.  I don’t eat the stuff myself, but I’ve decided to combine it with coconut oil when “oil pulling”.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.

  2. Thank you for this. Do you think there is any one supplement you are taking that is contributing to your beard/hair growing back darker-not as gray?

  3. I would never go a day without eating. But I also consume 10 times the amount as you do and I’m only 90 percent raw. I still have a high carb simple cooked vegan meal at night. I have to say though, I average out on 7 bananas for one smoothie and that’s just breakfast. I just couldnt go without eating.

    • i eat 4.7 bananas on monday. going to make sure i eat raw bananas because freelee the banana girl is in my dining room. /everyday losing 10lbs. Acheiveable. What i say to the fruit haters…”Go Fruit, Eat, Big face”

  4. Do you take Vitamin B17? And have you ever done a cleanse of your liver gut and gallblader? Great information thanks for sharing. You can never be so right, we need to be out own doctors and educate ourselves if we are to heal our bodies. I believe the body has the power to heal itself, we just need to prepare ourselves mentally, clean our vital organs and provide the right nutrition, vitamins and minerals to take care of itself because after all we have two brains, one that you can control off and the other that takes care of your body of which you have no complete control off but is always keeping us healthy.

  5. Great video! Your dream could have been right, make sure your capsules are vegetarian, most of them are made with animal cartilage! And they have a bunch of added/ unwarranted substances like starch and brown rice flour, used as a filler! I get all my supplements from, they are vegan, organica and wild crafted herbs! #Holisticgals

  6. i tried eating simple raw foods, day light diet, fasting, no overeating and it did really good on me. i felt great. I admire your diet.  You’re an inspiration. great videos. i have to go back and make it a lifestyle eating simple fresh raw fruits, vegetables and greens. i haven’t try barley max yet. thanks.

  7. Its just me again…I don’t like the beard but you’re too educational and too interesting not to listen…you’re magnificent Paul….thanks for being here for us……..

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