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22 thoughts on “Chemist Tells Us How The System Is Changing Us by Food

  1. Toxic body is a toxic mind. If they’re injecting food with nasty hormones and chemicals, what do we think we are eating. You are what u eat. It’s sad but it’s true.

  2. yep! you are righton. we are been poison by food and the sky spraying I see them spraying in the sky. American people is sick more and with health problems. then any other country. I am in Nursing field I see the sickness.

  3. All men after a certain generation started to loose focus in the schools, now women are doing better. Not just in the black community but the white community as well. I believe it is the food we eat as well + chemtrails.

  4. Yup, this true, they poisoning us through, the air, the food, the water, the medications, the vaccines, the media, everyway imaginable they killing us.  FATHER come quickly!!

  5. I have to thank you for opening my eyes and heart Pastor Dowell, ever since I first heard you I knew in my soul, mind, & heart you were speaking the truth Staitway! you help keep me on track and help me see the world thru a more clear honest & righteous mindset. Thank you from the depths of my soul for keeping it real and not taking it easy; I’ve always loved a challenge now I know the the world is at stake and that I must do my part Thank you for helping me see the gravity of the situation, God bless brother Chris, his family, straitway community, & you PASTOR DOWELL

  6. Pastor would you call the mind the devils playground ? And if so, would the major malfunction in society be chemical, or spiritual and demonic?
    Shalom Pastor

  7. Very true Pastor! I have been studying this for a while now. Every thing you are saying here is the truth! When you start to follow the trail of evil in our food its amazing what one has to do today to even attempt to grow organic clean food. People who live in the city or even suburbs think they are growing organic NOT- you neighbors are using chems on their lawn, the wind blows that crap and contaminated weed seeds in the air to your property- it only stands to reason that the pollen can even be contaminated -the “organic” fertilizers that they buy in the stores are not clean organic- even if you go to a farm and get manure! What did those horses or cows eat?? GMO grain ! It is a never ending trail – the best way is exactly what you said here- go to the country- buy land- start from there. The best way to build soil in this time we live in is wood chip mulch and your own animal compost fed from your own garden. Trees roots go deep so there is less chance of contamination from wood chips but even that you need to know where they come from. Truth!

  8. HealthRanger just released a video explaining how Sodium Nitrates cause cancer.
    And anyone who believes SOY doesn’t raise the estrogen level in little boys is out of their mind. Doctors suggest SOY for women with hot flashes ..So you tell me!!!

  9. Dang, america is in a big decline…..I hate to say it but there’s so much disorder in this world that I don’t think people will come together in the correct manner to fight against the new world order >_< Its sad.

  10. I been hip to the food thing for many years. My thing is look who is behind it all. There is a common denominator. The serpent people you better believe it.

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