11 thoughts on “Chrislam One World Religion Emerging! Beware!

  1. Paul,
    The problem with this whole things is the Trinity. The Muslims are exposing the fact 3 in 1 is not ONE. Trinity says 3 who’s [persons] in 1 what [God Essence]. But God is a He, every time! the only time it is US or WE it is ambiguous as to whether it is a royal we or us, or poetic discussion between God and His Wisdom. No matter what, The Father God is ONE. But, here in lies the problem, Muslims say God is not a father and cant have a son. Just look at what is written in dome of the rock

  2. I was going to send you something about this the other day when I seen it. I understand that Mohammad is from the lineage (supposedly) of Ishmael but they do not worship YHWH, they worship a moon god.. look at the crescent moon on the emblem. Islam is also a very militant religion against non-believers and Jews especially. Of course you got a lot of Anti-Semitics in the Christian church because they believe Jews crucified Jesus, or that’s what they say…

  3. Well first of all, no one in their right minds believes that the New Testament and the Koran are compatible. The NT is kind and loving the Koran says Allah is compassionate but the text suggests otherwise. Secondly, I have to correct you on the Arab spring, it is not a contest between Shiite and Sunni because that was the conflict in Iraq. It is between modern liberalization or westernization of Arab culture vs. traditional pan-Arabic Marxist style dictatorships. Islamisist compromise w/ no one.

  4. It woud benefit anyone who dares to interpret any religion’s Scripture to become an expert in the language of that original Scripture. Otherwise, it’s just hot air.

  5. Hi….I’m not trying to be a jerk. I have a real question. Why is calling Jesus “Yeshua” the cool new thing to do? I’m not religious, by the way. I know it’s Aramaic. Why are people just now doing this? I have only heard this name on YouTube, never at any church or Christian school I’ve attended. Before I heard about this “Chrislam” thing, I started noticing many black Christians with Muslim sounding names using Yeshua. I have no real reason to be skeptical about it except that religion is being so warped right now. Any thoughts?

  6. GLC was a great blessing and helped me realize gentiles are grafted in and started me getting into Hebrew Roots even though I grew up with the Sabbath, Holy Days, and clean and unclean. Being grafted in is what makes the whole Bible important to all of us.  Torah is for sanctification, which is a lifetime journey.

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