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Christian Men Going God's Way -MGTOW

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24 thoughts on “Christian Men Going God’s Way -MGTOW

  1. Proverbs 16:17, 19:16. There is only one Way, and that’s a Messianic love with humble service. A joyous service because of the love He puts in our hearts. Just one Way, and you can even view the entire Bible as the Torah, His guidelines and instructions. Two commandments, yes, love Yah love people, and the framework for the rest of your time in service is constructed throughout the Entire Bible

  2. #YAFGlory A Holy Kiss, a Gentle Breeze From a Humble Bondservant, a Man Of Praise & Honor for Moshiach and HIS timing for raising to Drink with all the lost sheep of Spiritual Israel the 5th Cup when the little Children of the LIGHT, like that RED REED SEA – THE DOOR NOW OPENED WIDE! Could this BeE EWE? REPENTANCE of a mere Mortal Man to Receive an Angel’s Heart & Mind, The Mind Of an Anointed Son with The HOPE of GLORY!

  3. Awesome video brother! You are speaking to my heart!
    I too would love to find a woman of virtue and of YaHoVaH’s camp.
    There is an old saying
    I can’t see the trees for the forest before me!
    Please keep up this topic brother YaH is speaking to me through you!
    Love and blessings

  4. I’m guilty of this many times getting married and divorced because I chose the woman who did not believe in the Torah or the Feast days and I received the damnation as mentioned in the scriptures. I’ve learned and realized that I need to wait on God to lead me to her. She will be the one. Thank God for showing me this long ago. Praise Yahweh! Praise God!

  5. Having a husband who submits to the heavenly Father is such a beautiful thing! It is easy as a daughter of the Most High to submit to such a wonderful man who will love you and respect you just as the Father intended. I came to Torah before my husband but I prayed and brought him scriptural proof. Our family has been blessed in so many ways. I prayed this man into my life and Yah answered my prayers. He found me a match that he knew would follow in his ways which is exactly what I asked for. Never did I think Yah would answer my every request. We are an interracial couple however the concern for Yah is not color but Spirit and being equally yoked. We are all made in his image with no respect of persons. You are so right about the importance of both being believers! We are both equally yoked and I see so many great things in it we both love the Father and believe in his design there is such a great peace that comes with loving a Torah observant husband. He is my head and we both lift each other up and come together to help one another. When neither of you fight against Torah but both follow and trust Yah in everything there isn’t much if anything that could ever pull you apart!! It makes a strong relationship it’s a blessing! Stay humble and pray for your wife or husbands. Yah will bless you with the right one if she/he is out there for you! I think this is nice what you are doing Paul. This is a great topic to cover from a mans perspective. Appreciate what you do here and love watching videos. We all need to sharpen each other. 🙂

  6. Great message! 100% true. Did it Yahweh’s way and been married 14 years. I never had the connection and chemistry that I have with my wife with anyone else in my past. Most importantly being equally yoked with the immovable foundation of our Creator’s Word. Be encouraged my single brothers, don’t compromise and it will be worth it.

  7. Good morning, Paul. Today, I’m watching your video about men going their own way. While I recognize that you are humbly trying to speak to men in the choosing of their wife, it still came out as tilted and generalized against female behavior. When segments are delivered this way, there is a greater place for reference and interpretation to supporting an organized creation of good old boys or men’s clubs. Your channels and your daily Bible readings are usually wonderful. I’ve been following you for aporoximately 3-4 yrs… However, when you deal with this subject matter, only the Bible should be presented as the teaching tool for the learning of GOD’S EXPECTATIONS on MUTUAL respect between the man and the woman and on what proper Family Values are, as deemed by God, himself. 

    I RECOGNIZE THAT it is a fine line to walk in trying to remove one’s self from their own life experiences and emotions around this very heartfelt subject matter. That is why it is even more important to stand on scriptures, like you typically do, but without interpretation that may have been clouded by personal sadness, rejection, and a mutual failure in keeping one of God’s greatest gifts from falling apart. Give us exact scriptural quotes with your great teaching. And present it in a way that supports BOTH sexes FAIRLY.

    Your presentation made it sound like the demise of marriage and society is due to loose and immoral women. Let us remember that men were following pagan rituals and brutal killing and sacrifice all on their own choosing – not because some scantily clad woman entranced them to do so. We all have choice in good and evil, don’t we? And marriage and society is not in ruins because of immoral women. We ( men and women), are lost as a society because the connection to our precious Savior and Creator has been lost or severely compromised. Knowingly or unknowingly, you boost ( and promote) an umbrella effect for women to be subservient and obey men in societies where women are still victims to human trafficking, spousal abuse, rape…A society where women clean the house from top to bottom, give birth, take care of the children, cook the food, do the laundry, are typically the parent involved in all the car pooling, team sports, special events, school projects, yard work, and having a full time job to help support the family ( a job that still doesn’t pay equal wages for women), and even now go to war, etc. etc etc. I say this with care, as this is also a percentage of society albeit not the whole enchilada, but almost the whole of society…

    Yes, it is Biblical for the woman to be the HELPMATE. It is not Biblical for her to do everything while the man does whatever he does… Time and time again, throughout history, this subject causes great division between the sexes. This  same problem can occur in women’s Biblical groups, as well. The comments, however, are slanted in the opposite direction. So both conversations fall short of the mark. Maybe men need to step up to the plate so that women can fall back into their “biblical” role. However, God’s examples seem greater than that…

    So what would be more supportive to our Creator’s Word? There needs to be training of men and women in how to simply be Godly. There needs to be the training of men and women in understanding and committing to the SUPPORT AND HELP OF “ONE ANOTHER”. There needs to be a training of what STRUCTURE AND EXPECTATION of marriage and family is really about. This conversation (of what men need and what women need) falls to a far second or third place if the RELATIONSHIP OF FAMILY is put in the number one slot UNDER OUR RELATIONSHIP TO GOD. If you have a Godly family, you have a husband and wife unit that puts God first and each other second. And TOGETHER, they do everything they can to support, honor and bless one another and their precious children. Everyone is a blessing. This kind of structure, blame, and/or expectation for the female to be a subservient slave is removed because the goal is for BOTH adults to fully HONOR GOD, HONOR AND RESPECT ONE ANOTHER, and LOVINGLY AND COMMITTEDLY raise up their children in a proper GODLY fashion.

    What we need as a people, as a society, as a people walking in Yah’s way are Biblical reference to conversations about how to improve the “FAMILY UNIT” and really LOVE AND RESPECT ONE ANOTHER. When you have love and respect for one another within the confines of a  lifetime commitment, you will have the perfect committed helpmates and the perfect teachers of the children and the future generations. And we will all PRAISE PRAY PROCLAIM READ and REPENT. AMEN.

  8. Didn’t think I’d see Messianics talking about mgtow though I no plenty of Christian Mgtow’s I hope the philosophy continues to grow as the consequences of loosening the enforcement of marital vows comes into play and men are forced to choose to either marry women who have been granted tyrannical levels of power enforced by government against God’s standards or to boycott till things change.

  9. I thought I would never have to talk about this topic again. I’ve been listening to the ‘MGTOW’ stuff since 2014. Other things as well considering the direction America has been heading. I do believe that this is the start of something right though, when you say going God’s way. Which is what needs to happen. However, I would argue to some degree, even as a guy I know that there are plenty of guys out there not taking responsibility. Which is why this MGTOW thing is sort of created in the first place. Some say it is because men have been burnt by the system, which is true, but I think that men do need to wake up to the fact that the system has become what it is through our actions as well. Because I do know some guys will say they were burnt in the relationship when in all actuality they were the ones that caused the destruction of the marriage in the first place.

    Most guys will bring up the silly part in the New Testament about how women need to submit to men, when really it is that we all need to submit to each other before God. I am not kidding, if you search enough you’ll realize a lot of guys choose to see things in such a way only to suit their needs. You can see this in some religious cults in which in the men do use religion to satiate their desires. In which it isn’t really about obeying God at all, if you understand what I am saying here. Which I think is partly why I understand why Jesus was so frustrated at the Pharisees for being such hypocrites and following their own traditions.

    I think the issue is not so much men or women, because I think both sides are just burnt out. I’ll be honest I think partly the reason women ‘play games’ is partly because that is how they can only make it through men who don’t care. If I remember women have brought up the story in Genesis about Tamar. Many like to use that one as if it is about masturbation(or ‘spilling seed’). You know the one where Tamar had to dress up as a prostitute just to have this child(which was part of God’s Plan). She had to deceive just to get what she needed when it was obvious the men were being idiots.

    So you can see in that story why a woman had to do what she did, because how else is she going to bear this child? When the men are just being rebellious not just to the woman, but God as well(which is why he smote them). If I have the story correct, I’m still learning about all of this. However, I do know that she was still technically wrong in the sight of God, but it was allowed since it had to happen to fulfill God’s plan.

    However, another story in the Bible which is also in Genesis. The one about how Joseph ending up in prison because of Potiphar’s wife pretty much being adulterous with Joseph. He went to prison all based on a lie which I think a lot of guys that is what is happening to them as well(at least in work and stuff like that and even in marriage, because I am aware that women like to withhold sex from their partners in marriage which is wrong). I think both men and women are burnt. At the same time women don’t understand why men are upset, but at the same time men don’t understand why women play the games that they do. I think good women are being persecuted for some women. And men are getting played, because of some men. The issue isn’t so much men or women(both like to place blame on the other), I think part of the issue starts with how the system treats men and women.

    Men are treated like pigs, because that is what girls are raised to believe, so they have this backlash. Then men receive this backlash not understanding why this backlash is happening in the first place(they may not even be the men that caused women to do what they do). Most men like to disregard the fact that this sex trafficking and other very abusive things from the system have a tole on women(which to think about it through the system, I’m sure this is why women eventually pushed so hard to be able to vote in America, because they got tired of men having so much control even though not all men are good, to be honest). However, women don’t realize that men can be sexually abused too, boys are sexually abused by women. Worst part is other men(and women) condone this behavior too, so you can see a lot of the trouble does come from men(you could say boys, because they certainly don’t act like men). I know women can be just as sexually destructive as well, I know because this debate about whether or not boys should be circumcised. Women could careless how it affects boys, some go as far to only care of the aesthetics of the procedure(I’m sure you can tell my stance on circumcision a little bit).

    Most men are wanting the wife that you find in Proverbs, but lets be real most men are the ones found in Genesis and how they treated Tamar. Which nobody is condoning what she did, but she had no other choice at the time if she expected to have this child. So on some level men are putting women in almost impossible situations, but at the same time I think women have disregarded that they put men in impossible situations too. So now we are in this constant back and forth between men and women. Probably fighting about things that are irrelevant(sort of how like after awhile you just start fights for no reason that lead to nothing positive) and can be counterproductive. I believe the problem is that people like to use scripture to suit their own desires(lets be honest here) and this causes a ripple affect causing much harm to one another if we don’t fully understand scripture. Most men expect women to be a certain way, but at the same time men aren’t willing to be what women expect of them. Which I think is where this stuff stems. And of course you know Satan enjoys this and just inflames the issue so that way it can never be resolved. Pitting each other against one another when we are not each other’s enemies. We should be loving one another just like God commands us to do.

  10. Hi Paul, Glad you are doing this playlist. But you said in the video that “During scriptural times It was the father who picked the wife for the girl” twice. We know what you meant but you might want to correct that.

  11. Females are not actually against masculinity, that is, female believe that they are better at being
    men then men are, females think that male masculinity should become a female trait, so females are only against masculinity as it pertains to men, but are for it as it pertains to themselves, they think, they
    are better at being man then men are, female are not against masculinity they want it, and this is why all females hate the natural authority of man, its simply envy, (embittered- they all feel shortchanged) only one thing stands in their way reality and commonsense, females imagine some fraud has occurred and shake their fist at the reality of God, they actually admire masculinity and are
    very jealous of men, female lust for power, and power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and females nowadays are absolutely corrupt!

  12. Shalom Paul, have you seen “The Ecounter” (its on YouTube) with Bruce Marciano? There is a scene where he (as Jesus) explains to a woman, (played by Jaci Vasquez) why she can’t accept the proposal of her non believer boyfriend. Because her witness will actually push him away from coming to Him/Jesus. The movie is filled with church doctrine like Jesus serves a bacon cheeseburger, but it also has good Biblical points. As we need to remember this was made long ago when most of us agreed with what was told in it. Bruce has portrayed Yashua / Jesus more than any other actor. Been praying for him to wake up to The Way. For he does/will have much say on how he portrays Yashua in future movies … if he awoke.

  13. There’s a passage in the bible – “There will be weeping and nashing of teeth.” While I don’t condone Christianity, I think about it this way:

    We can either make that a reality of evil, where in the people are angry and sorrowful… – OR – make it one of grace and humility, where the people are only nashing teeth to chew the food they forgotten tasted so good at one time, where the tears of joy pour like a stream in celebration of each other’s company we so foolishly exploited.

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