In this NEW series: The Karaite Files, Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon challenge you to strip away centuries of Christian and Jewish tradition to reveal the simple beauty of what is truly “in the Bible” — and to expose what is not!

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24 thoughts on “Christianity: Facts, Interpretation, Truth (Michael Rood & Nehemia) – Shabbat Night Live – 9/9/16

  1. TRUTH! It is either the Bible way or the highway. Everything else is politics(activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization).

  2. Nehemiah I must commend you for your great courage and honesty regarding your decisions that led you to leave the Pharisees which doughtless was a very hard thing to do, if you seek truth as surely as you say then I would encourage you to really read the Greek and study it. I know you have already looked at the Hebrew Matthew. You were courageous before, if you can sum up the courage again in following God no matter where he leads you if you place him utterly above the will of men, then you will find the true path to salvation. Don’t worry what people think this is irrelevant, Gods word is forever.

  3. Thank You for All your hard work. I tried for years to find out the things the two of your rediscovered quest for the truth has revealed. It has filled in the things I could not find on my own. And it validates the revelations of truth received from Yeshua.  I find it curious that like you Michael I had learned the story of Jonah and the big fish in third grade that Easter when the Baptist preacher said good Friday is when Jesus died and rose on Sunday morning after church I went to him and told him that I could count and  from Friday to Sunday morning is not three days and three nights! he patted me on the shoulder and said to me” We don’t know everything, ours is just to believe ” As he walk away I said out loud I CAN COUNT and it is not three days and three night. I concluded that day since I KNEW the Bible was true then that met the church had to be wrong but Why did they say it when it wasn’t true?!!.That began a long journey to discover why! And since Yeshua knew the truth I asked Him in prayer to teach me the TRUTH, I knew he wouldn’t lie! I just didn’t know the road to truth was so long and  narrow, nor that how he taught me would take me to nearly every state and to Canada. nor that I would still be learning it when I was a month a way from my sixty eighth birthday( born 1948) I was born in Missouri raised in Iowa.

  4. OK , so you tell me you found something in the Hebrew Matthew but you withhold the information you’ve discovered? I would like an account for this withholding of information.

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