Christianity today is teaching a principle that is different from the Bible. In this video I talk about this falsehood being taught and why modern Christianity is different than what the Bible is teaching. (The book I was referring to when I said the Dead Sea Scrolls, was the essence gospel of peace. This book is new-age. The dead sea scrolls do match the Bible and are not new-age.)

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24 thoughts on “Christianity VS. The Bible, The Truth

  1. Man that blond was the most annoying person I’ve ever had the pleasure to have never met. She seems to me to either be under the influence of a major drug or to be under the influence of demon possession or both.

  2. I am in total agreement with you, Paul.
    The video at the end was so sad…it made my spirit mourn. I pray these young people (and all people) will come to see the true message of Yeshua and the true way of Yah.

  3. I ran into a person like that girl street preaching in Chicago , but it was an old black guy, when I commanded the demons to come out of him he freaked out and started doing some weird mumbling, I didn’t know how to proceed being a young believer so I prayed for him and left the area, this girls is demon possessed

  4. Paul, what a great message! So appreciate your honesty and TRUTH!
    Hoping to get on again this Friday. See you then 🙂
    PS. My husband, David celebrated the Passover meal with me. PRAISE YA! continued prayer for him to see the WHOLE TRUTH.

  5. The false doctrines in so many christian denominations is making them to try and silence the Word of YHWH. This current generation never heard the Word fully so it is the time to reap the fruits, so many young people were raised with superficial religion and without YHWH at all, he is calling for them.

    The false teachers are very angry. Their -captive herd- denominations are dying out because YHWH has sent his judgement upon them. Look at Presbyterians, Anglicans, northern Baptists, Methodists, they are all withering away by the commandment of Elohim. I pray to YHWH to have mercy on them and so they repent.

  6. these are demons this man is encountering. these people are clearly demon possessed because only a demon would resist the word of YAH being preached.

  7. Sure is hard to shed myself of this world after 50+ years of indoctrination. I thank Yesuwah everyday for bringing my beliefs into question and for Torah Life Ministries for the their help in the matter. THANKS Love you all!

  8. Yeshua died in His flesh to be alive again in His Spirit. Showing us our flesh is what holds us back in many ways. Christians say Love the person but Hate the Sin as explaining what Paul is saying. Many are saying it’s not ok to sin and do what you want. In UK it’s about 50/50 I’d guess. NOT ALL Christian churches take the view he’s pushing. Sorry Paul. I agree with the Torah. I do get what you’re saying.

  9. watched the whole video and god gave me signs and verses telling me that he will send me his messenger and i think that his messenger is you because everything u preach is true and gave me goosbumps. well im finally back .. the end video reminds me so much me of me back in my past

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