There is an excellent article in the back of the Aramaic English New Testament by Andrew Gabriel Roth called "How much Torah do Christians already keep?"

Up to 87% of the Torah is kept by some of the Christian community. In this video I discuss this topic. 

If the law is done away with, why are Christians keeping so many of them? 

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14 thoughts on “Christians Do Keep The Law!

  1. Don’t buy it. Keeping secular law that happens to crossover to Torah does constatute obedience. Everyone prays to a god, prayer does not equate to love.
    If you love me keep / obey my commandments.
    Lets stop giving them a nod and a wink and get serious about getting them on the right path. There are much nicer people in other religions. Are they in to?

  2. there is not exactly 613 commandments in Torah, according to Judaism there may be but I have wrote the 613 commands down on paper and they do not all add up with scripture. for instance one of those commands says to bind teffilin on our arms and for heads, and another one of those 613 commands tells us to say the shema in the morning and at night.. deut 6:7 does not tell us that… some of those 613 commands are not in line with scripture some commands out of the 613 have taken one verse and made multiple commands out of one, and some commands are repeats.

    • try looking up the actual 613 Torah commandments, read them and compare all of them with scripture and you will realize there is not actually 613.

    • Well, how many laws did you calculate there to be, if there are more than 613? What number did you come up with? Also, outside of the 613 that we know of, please share the other laws that you’ve discovered. Thank you 😊

    • Shans bo I never said there were more laws, I’m saying there is less than the 613. I have not personally counted all of them.. neither has anyone else that goes around saying there is 613. just because someone says there is 613 does not mean there is 613. I suggest you read my other posts.

    • Corey Stansbury what number of commands did you come to? I’ve heard 613, 603, 10, etc. my point is what number did you come to?

      I understood your point concerning some laws do not or may not apply to everyone. Example: the laws of war. All 600+ laws can be categorized and some do not apply to everyone. There are laws for judges, laws for women, laws for the Levite Priests, etc. and yes, some laws are just repeated. I have read them myself and am familiar with them.

    • Shans bo, I have not personally counted them but I here alot that people are saying there are 613, if you look up the actual 613 Torah commandments and read and compare them with the scriptures you’ll see there is no way there can be 613.. but as far as the exact amount I do not know.

  3. There are *only* Ten Commandments. Two if you count Yeshua’s admonition.

    The 603 are “guidelines and instructions”.

    The “guidelines and instructions” *are not* Commandments.

    Commandments are Commandments and “guidelines and instructions” are “guidelines and instructions”.

    The Ten Commandments, i.e. *GODs LAW,* i.e. *THE LAW,* are *THE LAW,* and the 603 “guidelines and instructions”, are the little “t the” and the little “l law” of “the law”, i.e. “Torah law”,


    the little “t” the and the little “l” law, i.e. the law of “guidelines and instructions”, i.e. Torah law, have been done away with.

    Apostle Paul explains all of this perfectly well in detail in Galatians.

    That said, the feast days and ceremonies and any other applicable “guideline and instruction” that glorifies Christian faith in daily life should be as natural as breathing oxygen without falling into the category of Pharisaic.

    • No dietary commands in the ten, so you eat pigs? Humans?
      I see a flaw in your theory.
      If it involves the priesthood, or the opposite sex, alien, child, animal, I cannot observe them, but if it applies to me, I should be learning ti, and keeping it.

      And you are right, it should be as natural as breathing, as long as the Holy Spirit is guiding that breathing, and convicting the conscience.


  4. “Christianity” is a deception.
    First off, at Antioch, who was calling them “Christians”? Obviously not themselves.

    But christ, or christos in Greek, just means “anointed one”. A common pagan title.
    It existed before Yeshua’s birth, and was used commonly to describe Zeus, Hades and the rest of them.
    So a Zeus follower would also be a christian.
    I can just imagine the Zeus followers, or christians, sitting around chanting to him, “hey Zeus, hey Zeus, hey Zeus”. 😉

    Yahweh said He would make this renewed covenant with the Tribe of Judah, and Ephraim, Israel.
    I see no third option.
    I have a sibling so contradicted with her belief and everything I have shown her, she has settled on the she is “The seed of Abraham”, mostly due to misunderstanding Paul.

    Luke 1 says Yeshua will reign forever over The House of Jacob.

    I am a wild olive branch, grafted into the original root…Israel.

    I need no other man made title.

    To avoid confusion, I do not mean the one flying the occult symbol, which is actually the southern province of Judah, not Israel, the 10 northern tribes.

    I also believe Peter, John, Steven, Paul, and the rest of them, being of the Tribe of Judah, (and Benjamin) fulfilled the covenant with Judah, and now is the time of the Gentile, (Ephraim).


  5. I am so glad to find a recent post. I apologize for the length of this comment, but I am a seeker calling for guidance. I am agnostic in the true sense, not atheist. I have always believed we and all of our beautiful universe has intelligent design from a Creator. I just never really understood who this Creator may be. I was born into a secular catholic family. Later in life I attended a Christian church of the Southern Baptist profile. I did learn about the bible there but their message left me confused. They believed “once saved always saved” and preached that even if you change your mind (after accepting Christ) and become a criminal, you are still saved by grace and will enter the Kingdom of G~d. Honestly, that didn’t make much sense to me. I began studying the bible, and also looking at other Christian denominations. And that is why I am where I am now.

    Now I am thinking, how can the bible be the authoritative word of G~d when Christians, and Jews both among themselves cannot agree on what scriptures say? My Jewish friends tell me Yeshua cannot be Messiah because he does not fit the biblical definition. They point out Isaiah 7 and other OT passages. My Christian friends are all over the place…pre-ordained, faith + works, faith alone…. I ask why would a perfect and omniscient and omnipotent Creator decide the best way to communicate with His creation is through a book written and translated by imperfect men using imperfect language?

    My second problem with the bible is in Genesis. I always believed that G~d could create our universe and us by any means He chooses and he chose the order out of the cosmic chaos and it took a long time. So what? He is eternal. I cannot bring myself to accept a 6000 – 10,000 year old universe. My bible study friends tell me different….It was all done in 6 24hr days about 6,000 years ago. Would someone like me be able to maintain a cherished relationship with my Creator and Yeshua and not let things like this concept get in the way? I thank you for any response.

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