Sam and Kelly are Christians who discovered there is more the Scriptures than most Churches teach. They started keeping Torah and it has blessed their life. Check out their ministry site at

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35 thoughts on “Christians Embracing Hebrew Roots and The Law

  1. Awesome, Bless you and your family, praying for them to follow you and have blessed feasts together. Baruch YHWH ELohinu Ve Yeshua Ha Mashiach, Lechem ha Hai. HaleluYAH HaleluYHWH.

    • +samuel rogers if your going to follow Torah witch is good don’t. forget about the new testament cause I know the KJVB has some errors but most is True also follow Yahweh comandments not man in Israel today alot of them are not Truly living like they have the pagan talmud and the false star of david its a cultic and is used in witch craft look it up but Im thankful Yahweh is waking me up to the Hebrew roots cause its sad to say it but some of the cultic stuff in christianity is a cultic from the crappy Illuminate people that gave there soul to crappy satan this country was never a Godly nation look up George Washington freemason this crap been going on sense the fall of satan so yes by Yeshua grace I have been saved also I try not to say the name jesus cause if you look it up in the hebrew for gee and sus it means proud horse learned that from a youTuber called sword of the Spirit now I don’t. agree with him on every thing like he thinks the Holy Ghost is a woman with is blasphemy cause the Holy Ghost is Male many are being decieved by this false doctrine pray Holy Ghost and Yeshua have mercy on there soul cause they can be condemn to the lake of fire for this but not every thing sword of spirit says its false also listen to viligent Christian and call for a up rise and puritan pictures they but pray the Holy Ghost protect you cause they get into some and expose some dark stuff hidden but I do thank Yeshua for then so I was not decieved either again study Yahweh Word for your self don’t agree with every thing they say too by and All Glory be to Yahweh

  2. I have just recently come back to the Torah, and I have been dressing modestly and such, but since my grandmother was the only one in the family who had these beliefs, and she passed a few years back, I have found myself a bit short of answers. The most important thing I want to know, is that can an unmarried women cover her hair and not be weird? I have been getting unwanted attention, and I would be eager to try it and see if it helps.

    • First and foremost: if you are not Jewish, you have to go by what the Council of Jerusalem stated and re-stated (Acts 15): a non Jew is only bound by the Noahide laws. If you are Jewish and you were married, it would be mandatory for you to cover your hair, ’cause that is  for your husband only. As you are single, it is up to you to wear a scarf or a hat (I find that women with hats – not caps – look great).  You should avoid wearing a sheitel (wig).I would add that in many communities unmarried women do not have the custom to cover their hair.
      However, there are some communities that have the custom that unmarried women should not go out in public without their hair braided. The reason being because of tznius (modesty). However, most communities do not accept this minhag (custom).
      One of the reasons why unmarried women do not have to cover their hair is because they have to look good for a
      prospective man to marry (which is a mitzvah, like tzniut). However, a married woman who is an eishes ish has to hold back some of her beauty- chein from the public eye.
      There is a dispute among the Sefardik sages whether an unmarried woman has to cover her hair when she recites
      any davar sh’bekedusha [e.g. shemonei esrei or birchos hamazon (grace after meals)]. One should consult with their own Rav which probably, being a follower of Yeshua, you don’t have. However, the
      custom amongst Ashkenazim is to be lenient.

  3. These couples who embrace the Sabbath and other aspects are everywhere, and it’s so cool. Have told my wife about Sabbath rest, but she apparently wants nothing to do with it. Patience, patience…

  4. Saved through Faith in Yeshua the Messiah, Jesus the lamb of God. Sanctified by walking our very best in obedience to the commandments.
    Please make sure you have these 2 things in order!!!!

    • Paul wrote about how ( all ) in Asia forsook him. It’s a shame folks are departing from the Faith
      I’m praying for this family that has apparently have been taken captive.

  5. I’m not saying you have to eat a certain way or that the Old Testament is unimportant, but in Mark 7:19 Yeshua( Jesus ) declared all foods clean. So eating Kosher isn’t required but you can if you want

    • Mark 7 does not declare all “foods” clean. Look up the Greek word used here for foods. Also Peter proves that the intent was not to declare the unclean, clean in Acts 10 when he said nothing I unclean has touched my lips.

      And acts 10 is not saying it’s ok to eat unclean. Peter gives the interpretation twice

  6. awesome thank you for sharing. we just had discussion with my dad about reading the whole Bible. from Gen to Rev. and stop reading books that r written by other people that give there take on Gods word. but read it for yourself.

  7. one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law,
    Forgive me for my language but …..where do you get the balls to choose what to follow and what to leave out!!? Are you your own judge?
    God made specific covenant with Moses and his people nobody else ! Read your bible!Law was specifically for Jews only!
    The reason all disciples where quoting and following the laws in the NT is because they where part of the law! Read!
    Obviously ……Jesus followed the law … that was he only way to fulfill the law!

    I live by GRACE through faith!!! im righteous in His eyes !
    Read your bible and don’t deceive people!

    • Many are called but few are chosen, what gives you the right to tell these people that they are not called or chosen. Live at peace with all men especially to the household of faith.

    • They don’t keep the Torah, that is just some ‘buzz’ word that they use to convince new and naive Christians that they do not know God. Has this couple actually sacrificed an animal on an alter? Well, that’s part of the LAW! So when I see them butchering some animals and burning it on an alter, THEN it’s time to take them seriously (and raise an eyebrow). These Post-modern Judaizers are basically Zionist/Israeli missionaries and cultural ambassadors.

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