We were preaching in downtown West Palm Beach and some Christians came up to us and told us Street Preaching doesn't work

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28 thoughts on “Christians Who Say Street Preaching Doesn’t Work

  1. Jesus most certainly did go out into the crowds and preach himself. He had to run from the Pharisees for doing such. I will say this that Sarah is right about people getting abused by the church while in a church for not being as “holy” as themselves, it happened to me personally. Jesus is his name to the Gentiles, you can say either Jesus or Yeshua 🙂 Jesus said to the women who was caught in adultery, “Go and sin no more”

  2. preach and reach but do not discourage people!!! Brother u can’t force people to serve God, u plant the seed ( the word) and God makes it (Soul of spirit) grow. This lady has a point although she’s under the influence but Jesus came where the spiritually sick is to help them not point out their flaws. Truth comprehends darkness, so to reach, teach, preach! U have to meet the person where they are in their life. Yeshua is the correct Hebrew name but God has many names, I Am he who causes to become. All sin is bad and Jesus died for All, if someone is Gay, homosexual, etc we don’t have a right to Judge, only to inform people of Gods coming Judgment and new Kingdom….

  3. Greetings Paul,

    There’s a group that street preaches and posts their videos on youtube, called “TeamJesusPreachers”.

    From viewing a couple of their videos, they seem to preach similar to how you preach.

    I will be praying for you.

    Yah bless you according to His Word.


  4. opinions, everyone’s got one, they don’t count only the truth count
    the problem with people is they don’t take enough time to understand where the other person is coming from in order to influence them , or in some cases be influenced your self unless you’re too proud. so in other words if people would just stop and think they would understand, and come to an agreement in Truth

  5. From a man named Paulus being Lawless, to a man named Paul upholding it – I can clearly say, this Paul, is my Brother keeping Yah’s law.
    Yah Bless you and Keep you Paul – Thanks for the teachings and what you do.

  6. You are doing great. You are warning them. They are walking by and you have a short time. You get it out there to them. If interested you all let them know more about Jesus. You are doing right. Keep teaching truth Brother!

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