Christmas Warning

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33 thoughts on “Christmas Warning

  1. I don’t celebrate Christmas but my family always gets invited by our relatives for Christmas every year. They don’t know the truth about Christmas and we try to tell them to truth, but they often don’t understand, or read their bible because they are interested in follow the traditions of man rather than following the laws of our Creator. It’s been a struggle for me.

  2. Thank you brother for your insight and wisdom I’m definitely a subscriber and I do not celebrate any pagan holidays, just the Creator’s Holy Days!!

  3. I’m christamas free from 1989, when I start study Bible with Jehova’s whitness, they don’t celebrate christmas, and other pagans holy days too.

    • your not alone. i live in the U.S. and there is so many religious practices here.Don’t know a lot about JW’s other than a friend of mine that was raised in it and she wouldn’t have anything to do with it for she said they do not believe in Yeshua according to Scripture. I had a neighbor that is JW and she believes differently than what is known as a believer according to the Hebrew Scripture or what the apostles of the New Testament spoke of. I presently live in an area where ppl follow denominational church ways which are unfamiliar to me. I believe in praying and reading the Scriptures and follow the Holy Spirit in all truth. Not what a denominational church says is the truth especially if it does not line up with the Truth spoken of in Scripture.

    • James Peter I beleave Yeshua, but Yeshua is Son of God, is my Lord, I understand that some one must be first, firs were Yehovah, and Yashua is God from God, sorry my English is little poor, for explain this difficult question, for me is easy, but in English, thank you for your answer! Shabbat shallom!

    • How do you feel about the Seventh Day Adventist church are they part of this too?

      They do believe the Catholic church is the Anti-Christ but I’ve also watched videos exposing their prophet Ellen G White…

      Anyway how do you interpret End Time Prophesy?

    • Albert Elizondo I am not Seventh Day Adventist…There are still a few pocket Adventist churchs around the world that are good…but the actual head organization of the SDA church is apostate. The SDA churchs are apostate too. They teach false protestant doctrine…”Saved by grace, can’t stop sinning”…they also say protestant and evangelical phrases like “accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour”…they literally tell people…” If you just accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour you will be saved”…thats not the gospel ok…Its just not…Like…look, that is fine to say I guess but its really an easy false gospel if you dont mention repent or pick up your cross or follow Jesus or deny yourself or the blood of the lamb or the ressurection. Seventh day adventism has a pretty mixed bag of people though…some are actually following Jesus and some are just following religion…Its kind of hard to say with Seventh Day Adventism…I would say they are the closest to real Judeo-Christianity than any other church but not “Gods end time church” as the SDA says.

    • Albert Elizondo I believe Revelation is historical but at the same time I believe alot of it applys to the last days ie…final hours before Christ Jesus’ return…I have read the Revelation many times and really pondered individual verses and the timelines of the seals, trumpets and vials and even I do not have the all answers but if Revelation 17 applys today…as I am writing this comment…December 2017 (Gregorian calender time) then that means alot has already happened but at the same time…those letters to the 7 churchs applied historically BUT they will apply even more so in the last days before Christ return…also the signs in the heavens will happen more evidently in the sky…basically the great tribulation has not happened as of late but it is starting now and beginning to begin. Revelation will play out exactly how its supposed to play out. God is soveriegn and a persons Bible interpretation will not change what has happened and what will happen in the future. Jesus reveals the truth about the Revelation, we can’t rely on some theological interpretation. Jesus will reveal all to those in His timing…There is some things in the Revelation even I do not know for sure about as of yet. Jesus in the gospels tells us exaclty what we need to know though…Matthew 24 gives us simple instuctions for the future and no matter how it plays out…Matthew 24 gives alot about what we NEED to know. We are on a need to know basis…we dont need to know everything…

  4. I’m purposely celebrating the birth of Jesus on 25 December also known as Christmas. Now of course we all know Jesus was not born in December but that is the day that is recognized. Jesus is my Lord and Savior and celebrating Christmas and using it to remember the beautiful birth of our Savior when he came into this world is not a sin.

    • Have you ever considered the fact he was born closer to the feast of Tabernacles? Why not observe his birth around that time and enjoy what he desires from us?

    • Michael Rod you’re doing right. satan always prompts these people every Christmas just like the liberals trying to get rid of Christ on Christmas. They think they’re doing Gods work but in actuality its satans work they are doing. If you live by the law you will be judged by the law.

  5. Why we s Christmas bad? I don’t understand? Also, I heard the evergreen was to represent Jesus undying love. Do you have a video about this? We are not doing Halloween or Easter but I didn’t know Christmas was bad. Of corse no magical Santa but he was. Pastor who loved and gave and taught the word. Please help, also how do I tell my children Christmas is canceled, without turning them from the Lord?

    • I am thinking I don’t cancel it but make it the last, use the time to teach and not put up decor or tree??? That way I don’t shock the children and they have a year to accept our new walk

    • Hopeful Servant I have 2 grown daughters and raised them celebrating Christmas, I didn’t know any better. Now I have a 7 year old son, we have always celebrated Christmas, until this year. I had my eyes opened so I am not celebrating this pagan day. Surprisingly, my 7 year old is not daunted or upset by this, the grown children are struggling to understand. We observe Sabbath and are learning about the Holy days we are supposed to celebrate. God bless you.

  6. Christmas is a way of many to introduce Christ to non-believers if you take Christmas away you take that away. Liberals are trying to change that. they dont want people to stop saying merry Christmas anymore. Why?

  7. The days of the week are named after Greek mythological gods. this world belongs to satan, so we should runaway from the earth then? Anyone who lives by the law will be judged by the law

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