In America today over 100,000,000 people are suffering from some sort of chronic pain. That’s about 1 out of 3. What are the treatments used to stop this pain epidemic? People go to big pharma for solutions because they’re desperate. They’re prescribed dilaudid, Percocet, oxycodone, and other pain meds that are causing their bodies to break down in other areas. It’s temporarily masking the symptoms, but not removing them.

Our society needs to know that there are other alternatives, such as topical and transdermal pain creams. Certain types of these topical creams don’t even show up in the blood and have no known harmful side effects like the oral medications.

These new delivery mechanisms are just now being used by healthcare practitioners across the country. Switching to a cream like these can give patients the opportunity to get to the root of the problem while avoiding making things worse.

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