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A Broad Overview And Study Of the Bible In 24 Sessions By Chuck Missler


25 thoughts on “Chuck Missler – Learn The Bible In 24 Hours – Session 1

  1. I love this, I only wish he didnt lump everyone together in their understandings, there are more people than you think that already knew that there was more than meets the eye. I love that he is showing this so that others can see the science as well so that they will see tat this is not just opinion, this is fact, this is Gods world 🙂

    • +Rebbecca Davis Chuck Missler is unique in his understanding due to his background in several key areas and may very well be the only individual to be able to articulate and present this information in the manner he does. After several years of studying his material, I now also recognize his short comings, realizing no man in this era is a prophet and cannot be accurate completely we must be diligent and cross reference much material from others who also can provide meaningful and insightful guidance and teaching. Chuck Missler is great but lets not be over influenced by his teachings and make assumptions he draws all the right conclusions. I would touch on several key points to validate my point but unnecessary. He himself continually learns and changes positions on points of view.

    • +Scriptures & Science In his own words, adapting new perspectives that take Scriptures more literal after acquiring more information and knowledge on subjects.

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