A Exploration & Study Of The Gospel of John By Chuck Missler


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  1. What exactly does it mean, in reference to Jesus, to be “High Priest”? I know what His role as Savior entails. But, what does His role as High Priest entail and how does it relate to His children?

    • +Thesaurus
      The role of the Life of Jesus was to fulfill all the prophecies in the OT in an attempt to have his children, people(the Jews)to accept their Messiah. His death, burial and resurrection also fulfilled prophecy but once the Jews completely rejected their Messiah(Jesus still gave them time after his resurrection)the revelation of the plan of salvation moved into a new dispensation.

    • +Scriptures & Science Well, thank you. That’s great information for anyone reading in the background who does not yet know Christ.
      God bless.

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