A Study Of The Gospel of Matthew By Chuck Missler


38 thoughts on “Chuck Missler – The Gospel of Matthew – Session 1

  1. i was going to say the same as make more ,so love to you all and sincere prayers for Chuck.
    love you and thank you for helping me as you have
    God bless all

  2. I can’t begin to say thank you enough Chuck Missler for your contribuntions. To use a favorite word of yours, “stunning.” God bless and thank you for sharing this series! In Jesus name, Amen.

  3. If Ahaziah, Joash, and Amaziah were wiped off the record due to their idolatry, what about Abijah, Ahaz, and Manasseh? Did they all repent of their idolatry?

    Isaiah at least tells us that Ahaz showed some fear of the Lord, and I believe Manasseh repented after he was sent off to prison in a foreign country. Is that why they were included in Matthews genealogy?

    • +ColeOfCentauri Hello. Did you get an answer? 
      There may also some significance with Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab. She is the mother of Ahaziah (2nd generation), grandmother of Joash (3rd Generation) and Amaziah (4th generation). She is a nasty piece of work who attempts to wipe out the royal (Davidic) line although you can’t entirely blame her as Jehu has just wiped out the whole of Ahab’s line.
      Any punishment to the fourth generation against Athaliah could possibly account for these names being omitted?

    • +barnsweb52 , Rev 2 does not find Paul a liar. Paul was spot on on everything he said. However, even Peter acknowledges that Paul’s words are tough to read and that many “twist his words as they do the rest of the scripture to their own destruction.” So now we have Peter saying Paul’s writings are “scripture” so if Paul is false, so is Peter. If Peter is false, then I guess Jesus didn’t know what He was doing by bringing him in and changing his name. If Jesus didn’t know what He was doing, then He isn’t Messiah. If He isn’t Messiah, then we might as well throw the whole Bible away because the second Temple has come and gone, never to return, and the Messiah was supposed to bless it with His presence. If it wasn’t Jesus, then it’s nobody and never will be.

    • +barnsweb52
      The Apostle Paul was the single most important human being to ever walk the face of the earth(excluding Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, who wasn’t a man but God made flesh). Paul wrote almost 20% of the Bible with there being over 40 authors in total. Paul the only individual to receive instructions from Lord Jesus after his ascension, to discount, disregard or slander the Epistles of Paul will lead to eternal damnation.
      Revelation was written without the fore knowledge of the revealing of the mysteries in which Paul received. We can never understand the Bible correctly without understanding the Epistles of Paul in their full context.
      It is a disheartening fact the majority of individuals claiming to be Christians will suffer condemnation solely from never taking the time to study and understand the Epistles of Paul, the path is narrow, and yet so simple. Salvation comes from faith in the completed work on the cross plus NOTHING. To even consider our efforts as worthy is a disgusting disregard and spit in the face of the work Christ suffered for our salvation.

    • Well jesuswordsonly.com he’s had about 10 billion more followers over time than you have buddy still the blind like you just can not see sad

    • barnsweb52
      You have no Proof only Accusations…that’s what satan does because he’s called the Accuser. If you Actually Listened you could Comment but you didn’t Listen obviously.

    • +Paul Yim
      You are very welcome, indeed Missler is a exceptionally unique and qualified teacher of the Bible, a true blessing for us all.
      Praise our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    • Wow… Chuck sure is. I personally thank this man for showing me what REAL Salvation is. (Never tire of hearing Chuck’s interpretation of the Word of God. World is blessed with such a man as he is) One of the very FEW i trust…

  4. At 34:08 Chuck mentions an OT verse that alludes to Matthew’s shorthand. He mention Proverbs 45:1 but there is no Proverbs 45:1. Does anyone know which verse he is referring to?
    I looked at Proverbs 25:1 but that does not seem applicable.

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