5 thoughts on “Chuck Missler – The Origin of Evil – Session 1

  1. no Mr missler the earth was not created and then become dark and void. the actual creating part has God SPEAKING it into existence . the (Word of YHWH) which is vs 3 not vs 1 of Genesis

  2. did I miss something, because I just can’t understand why Chuck Missler
    had to go so deep into the macro-cosmos, just to “stretch our horizons”?
    Or did he suggest that Mars (and other objects) were covered with holes
    as a result of that cosmic battle? …

  3. Satan was puffed up with pride and he became violent. In the days of Noah, all mankind did was commit constant violence. The Lord cast down Satan and the Lord destroyed the entirety (except for 8 people) of mankind because of pride and violence.
    Yet, how many Christians do you see condemn violence and, instead, watch it on TV, movies, and enjoy it like it were just a harmless sport?
    American Christians love to rail against anything sexual (even kissing), but have no problem watching cage fighting and the UFC fights, as well as other forms, like boxing.
    The thing God said, and proved, He hates is pride and VIOLENCE.
    These two were also the first two sins mentioned just after the eviction of Adam & Eve from the Garden of Eden. Cain murdered Abel.
    The American pastors and vicars need to stop winking at this sin and start condemning it for the heinous atrocity it is. America has become a very violent place and it is getting scarier by the week (and no, this is NOT an anti gun rant)
    BTW: I also am not condoning homosexuality, beastiality, pedophilia, or any of the other perverted forms of sex.

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