Explore the dangers of hierarchy in the church. The sin of leaders and congregations but also the love that pours out of believers. Michael Rood and David Robinson continue with Episode 3 of Torah Wars. In this episode, they outline these dangers and how it leads to spiritual abuse, as well as the solution which will produce a body of believers actively putting faith in motion and love in action.

*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*

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3 thoughts on “Church: Abuse, Love, Sin – Shabbat Night Live – 3/17/17

  1. A reaction from the Netherlands to join the discussion today. First, Michael thank you so much for everything you do! My point: I know I have the gift of teaching and also the warning Yeshua gave to those who followed Him. So as being part of His Body, I understand, from studying Hebrew, I call myself an ‘ED’ in English, a witness. We are all part of Yeshua’s body, doing His work on this earth.

  2. Hi Pastor David, thank you so much for being so real, I love you so much.
    In the Christian Church you could not be a good Pastor, because you show that you are just as human as any of the members of your congregation. To the Christian Church, to be a good Pastor is to be hypocrite, don’t let the members know that you also suffer some of the same things they suffer. You never had a problem with your wife.
    Thank God we are delivered, we have come out from among them.

  3. Ayayai, Michael, you surely are a great warrior of the Almighty. What a sharp double edged sword you masterly handle! I thank Yah for your life and service. Shalom.

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