What does the Scriptures say concerning foods?

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29 thoughts on “Clean & Unclean Foods The Bible

    • Tribe Benjamin yep paganism is fun and giving gifts. We surly gather in his name on that day to pray for all the paganism happening all around us. Satan loves all those lights trees and Yule logs …all pagan.

  1. Brother, if you are sincerely passionate of truth, then please renounce all false Names like Adonai, Elohim, Lord, God and Jesus and instead embrace the true Names for the Father and Son, Yahweh and Yahshua.

    Yeremyah & Michelle

    • Flex Maestro I thought same thing. he taught nothing new. I’m trying to learn, it’s all new to me. it was a waste of time… I knew what he taught on since I was a child in church. I wish to find some place to learn.

  2. I recommend you take a public speaking class. Your introduction is way too long. I write this to you because I want you to be successful with your messages.

    • Prius BAMF anyone can read the good book to get a list of unclean food. Are you that lazy? I came here to see a point of view not for a list. I came here to see what the Spirit has put in this man’s heart and from what I’ve seen is righteous he has TRUTH and is concerned not with satisfying itching ears.

  3. I totally like the real looking at the Bible. Its a joy. I am a bit troubled. I just learnt something thats worth looking into. Normally I dismiss this idea. I dont want wear dresses and skirts every day. You seem to have a good understanding and understand the Bible more fully than most. Is this true whats on this picture.

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