9 thoughts on “Cleansing and the Raw Food Diet #229

  1. The kind of work I do I can not have a beard. Guess that would be considered a form of discrimanation?
    I just grew some really good sideburns instead. Have not been told to shave them off yet.

  2. I did the Master Cleanse for 5 days and healed myself from a chocolate addiction. I feel so alive now!!!

    Enjoy your raw life, and your beard! 😀

  3. Thanks Paul. All the questions you answered were actually ones that I have recently been wondering about. So weird. I hope you enjoy your Spring!

  4. lol!, That thought crossed my mind too… that it makes you look jewish.
    Wish I could get a colonic but they are prescription only here in Texas and the nearest one to me is over 2 and a half hours drive from me one way. =X

  5. Our creator keeps making us grow beards, so why do we shave them off? Good point Paul – I don’t like shaving anyway!

    Also – our creator keeps making us grow hair – so why do we cut our hair???!!!!

    Lets all grow long hair and long beards & look like hippies!

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