Giving people what they want instead of what they need. This has always been a trick of the snake salesmen. Seem Raw Food Health Guru's are getting in the act and doing the same thing.


21 thoughts on “Coffee, Chocolate and Cigarettes Healthy? What’s Going On?

  1. What are your thoughts on Yerba Mate? I had one last night and a quick search on Wikipedia told me that it does contain a very low amount of caffeine (in comparison to coffee).. however, if one were to drink that to ween themselves off coffee, would that be okay?

  2. Thank you for your honesty. Look at how obese David Wolfe has become eating his “raw” high fat stimulant based diet over the years. The other sad truth is, the guest speakers at his conferences are almost equally as nuts (pun intended)!

  3. I stopped cacao, and switched to carob.

    I went back, and tried cocao, and discovered it makes me emotionally imbalanced, irritable big time!

    Coffe, and Caffeine are not health foods.

    What do you think about digestive enzymes?–DTM

    What do you think about fermented fruits such as pineapple?–Cassar

    What do you think about herbal tinctures?–Morse

  4. My take on these people is that they come from a “drug” background (I guess they were raving in the 90’s and drinking smart drinks, taking LSD, E etc…. as I was lol) and thus their spin is tainted big time by those views..

    They’re more in line with say Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson or Terence McKenna than with an “ancestral yogic Ayurvedic” approach to make things simple.. and into selling “techy and efficient” substances. It remains a “druggy” mentality nonetheless which can exist and be explored of course but should not label itself as raw by any means It is really using the same wanna be pragmatic yet emotionally-targeting strings as big corporate pharma and bodybuilding brands etc etc ;0) The slogans, the labels etc.. A far cry from the local organic market approach.

  5. Hello Paul, I was wondering if you have any ideas or remedies to help ease the withdrawal symptoms from smoking. Anything that I can eat or drink to help fight cravings? Or even to help flush out toxins in my body from the many many years I have been a smoker. I haven’t quit yet but I’m trying. For my children I must conquer this demon. Also for The Lord and myself. Any info helps. G-D bless you!!

    • pete axehead theres no such thing, even so called decaf is only reducing the caffine by 13%. they use nasty chemicals like isoproponol to reduce the caffine (you really dont want in your body) but as with anything use moderation

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