Coffee Good or Bad?

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32 thoughts on “Coffee Good or Bad?

  1. So Green Tea, White Tea, and Black Tea are drugs??? C’mon man… Get real. Good put these beverages on the planet from use to have. Coffee is from Africa which is the mother land to civilization. Asia is the 2nd coming mother land to civilization. Neither are European in scope. Let a white man tell you whats right and everyone wants to believe it. Let a black person tell a person something different, and they’re assumed to be wrong. Anyhow, enjoy your Coffee & Tea…. No human ever made it off the planet alive.

    • TheAppreciative1, Those who destroy the Temple (Which your body is supposed to be) YAH WILL SURELY DESTROY. That’s a PROMISE. You call yourself “TheAppreciative1” but you are not showing HIM any appreciation for the life HE has given you, so that makes you a liar & a hypocrite. Remember, Messiah is coming for a Bride WITHOUT SPOT OR BLEMISH. Better to be safe than sorry. Do T’Shuvah & turn to YHWH & HIS WAYS or DIE IN YOUR SINS & BE CAST INTO OUTER DARKNESS WHERE THERE IS WEEPING & GNASHING OF TEETH.

    • im so gracious all I needed to ‘visually see’ were the 1st (5)words to instantly “know” only God Can Judge Me…. Not My Critics, Such as You! *Go In Peace, and take your disgrace with you* #ByFeliciaLoL

    • TheAppreciative1, you have no idea on the Chen (Grace) of YHWH and if you are claiming to be of the body of Messiah then your brothers & sisters in Messiah have the right to judge or don’t you read the Word of YHWH. “don’t judge me” is code for SHUT UP SO I CAN SIN IN PEACE. You keep on living “your way” & YOU WILL DIE IN YOUR SINS & BE CAST INTO OUTER DARKNESS WHERE THERE IS WEEPING & GNASHING OF TEETH.

  2. Caffeine is the drug, Thank you Paul for saying something I’ve been saying for years. I am an ex drug addict, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, amphetamine (speed), lsd, tobacco, alcohol. PRAISE YOU YHWH FOR SETTING ME FREE HASHEM MELEKH YESHUA HA MASHIACH

    • yahshu1 thank Yah & thank you! i’ve been clean & sober for 2696 YESHUA~days (yesterdays) & have joked about being “drug free except for the caffeine.”
      i’ve been thinking about giving up coffee & your comment about phamakeia drove it home for me… 🙂

    • oddaunt, LOL, I’m more inclined to say YAH is using Paul & Paul is allowing YAH to use him & to great effect, if the message only reaches one person then the message is successful. YHWH strengthen you in your obedience to HIM. MELEKH YESHUA is coming back for a Bride without spot or blemish. I pray you allow YHWH to use you as an example for others, may HIS Light shine through you. Blessings & Shalom to you Brother, I look forward to meeting you at HIS return, if not sooner. Blessings & Shalom to you & your Family.

  3. The 90 + study, found that people who lived well into there 90’s had a few things in common, one was drinking coffee, who doesn’t want to live longer?? call me crazy but I’m drinking it daily because I want to live longer, and it taste good- less filling- taste good

  4. Thank you Paul, I believe you are absolutely right, there are better ways to have more energy in a more natural way and IN THE LONG RUN your body will benefit. Coffee absolutely is like a very mild drug if you compare it to others strong drugs, I myself am working on giving it up, it is addictive & taxing to the body (what goes up-comes down, not mention body aches & pain, muscles spasm) cold brew is my stepping stone is milder, sweeter and less acidic and you can warm it up afterward if you like it warm. I know it would be better to throw it away…I’m using it just like a drug for emergencies when I don’t get enough sleep & have an important mission…plan on changing that plan b to plan a …raw foods…yes. Thank Yaw for Paul …blessings… ❤

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