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I get many responses to my videos. Here are some that I wanted to reply to for my show on the local Christian radio station.

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31 thoughts on “Common Christian Mistakes

  1. I will say this with an open mind, the scholars copy the dead sea scrolls, and they put there own interpretation in what they think it says, so they are not always accurate in the Bible, for sample Genesis 1:2 kjv ( and the earth was without form,and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the SPIRIT if god moved upon the face of the waters, the amplified version of KJV, the earth WAS without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the VERY GREAT deep, the spirit of God was moving HOVERING ,BROODING over the face of the waters ( THE TORAH Genesis 1:2 the earth being unformed and void, with darkness over the surface of the deep and a wind from god sweeping Over the water. when i read all three I think of revelation 22: 18_19 adding and taking away from the scriptures and scrolls I recognized the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, compare to THE TORAH that says , and a WIND FROM GOD sweeping Over the waters ,I read gods spirit cause the wind to sweep over the waters this is what i read in the torah what do you think?

  2. Good message Paul. The commandments can be summed up into 2 commandments. Love God with all your heart mind soul and love your neighbour as yourself. Mark 12:30-31 Loving God means that we respect his teachings and follow them. As for non-blood line Jewish people we have been grafted into Israel. -Romans 11:17 For even rocks could become descendants of Abraham. -Luke 3:8

  3. Great message and I am so glad you set the record straight on Jew and Gentile. It is very interesting that people say, that they don’t have to keep the laws of God/Yeshua because he did away with them; when they never kept or knew them to begin with. Keep on sharing the Gospel and the Good news of the kingdom. Shalom

    • Well, actually, he revamped it. Many of the old teachings in the Torah were changed to keep us even more set apart and holy. For example: Jesus stated that it was said in the days of old if you wanted to divorce your wife, you first needed a certificate of divorce legalizing your separation.
      However, according to the Messiah, Jehovah does not want anything to do with divorce except on the grounds of sexual immorality. And anyone who divorces his wife and marries a divorced person also commits adultery.
      Therefore, as you can see, he didn’t abolish the Torah (Law) but actually taught to keep it more sacred than before. Christians are taught in their pagan, Mickey Mouse churches to forget God’s instructions and live like a pig under the so-called “grace” of Christ. Ha!

  4. I am in full agreement. As a former gentile who’s been grafted into God’s chosen people Israel, I found that the 10 Commandments were very unlikely to be breached by the altering of the 4th. The proper Sabbath has become a huge blessing to me, & it has led me to committing to the Feast Days & the clean/unclean food laws; and, the Lord subsequently blessed me with 2 physical healings thereafter. Then I committed to wearing the tzit tzit & the Lord gave me extra physical strength again. Now I’ve committed to the new moon Sabbath/feast days.

    Paul, what about Simchat Torah, that one doesn’t seem Scriptural?

    I advocate for the Sabbath in my self-published Christian novel, Straight Street, that includes action sports, spiritual warfare, 327 Scriptural footnotes, & the Law & Gospel a-plenty! Also I make evangelistic snowboard videos in Alaska. All can be found at my website:


    • +The Messianic Judaism Movement what do you think of Matthew 24:37 “it will be like the days of Noah when the Son of man returns.” out of any time in biblical history why choose then? So, Genesis 6 before Noah’s great deluge… And the Nephilim (B’ Nai Ha Elohim) are here. Children from the union from fallen angels and earth women. We need to talk

    • +The Messianic Judaism Movement I believe satan tried to corrupt the human genome. And his seed is the nephilim. The nephilim are found in Numbers 13:33. The “sons on Anak” were there. The sons of anak were the descendants of Nephilim. Anak was the son of Arba. Arba was an Amorite. According to Amos 2:9 ” I destroyed the Amorites before them,though they were tall as the cedars
      and strong as the oaks” Cedar tree are 35ft the small ones-180ft the tall ones. The greeks stylized the Nephilim as the Titans

    • Keith Smith Who spoke from heaven when Yeshua was baptized and said this is my son, Yahweh did, no Yeshua is not Yahweh. / This brother is saying Yeshua is God Almighty however there are over 100 scriptures to show thats not true.

  5. Thank you for sharing. ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ my spirit is alive again. Listening a Jew saying now I am part of Israel. That is so wonderful . Thank you! Shalom. ๐Ÿ’•

  6. yep my christian friends call me a fake jew…i can only pray that the scales will one day fall from their eyes and they will see the truth….

  7. Wow. I am a cradle catholic. This teaching so beautiful and profound. I always inherently hated Christmas trees! Lol. Starting My new journey. So far to go! I am Israel. How beautiful and exciting!

  8. It saddens me how so many will use the EXACT same scriptures that reinforce keeping YHWH’s Torah/Law, to DISPUTE the command to keep His Torah/Laws.

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