Jeremiah’s warning to ancient Israel holds true for America today: If we do not heed the awakening trump to return to our founding principles, and if we do not return to the Torah, we will soon be taken captive by our enemies.

In this 8-part teaching series, Michael Rood delves into the book of Jeremiah with the intention of exposing how America is falling into the same perversion as ancient Israel — a much-needed wake up call to those who seek the Truth.

CONDEMNATION: The Jeremiah Verdict is a call to action. You will be inspired to fast and to pray. You will discover radical new meaning in the book of Jeremiah, and you will be driven to keep the faith once delivered to the saints.


20 thoughts on “Condemnation: The Jeremiah Verdict ⎢FULL EPISODE

  1. Yehovah bless you for knowing and telling the truth Mr. Rood. I pray that the brain dead Christians be brought back to life / awoken to the truth of what has been happening in this country and exactly who has been doing it! I stand in agreement with you in asking for His judgement to rain down upon those who are deserving.

  2. May YAHOVAH continue to expose the evil, destroy the evil, and deliver us from the negative consequences of their evil and bring them to justice, if not man’s justice but your justice and USA to repentance. Amen

  3. Thank you so much for what you have done to open my eyes. I had traveled so far from the truth because of the church that I was raised in. They had prioritize the money and those with wealth over others.

    I am traveling back to the word and learning so much more than I ever did in church. The word is the truth and we have to trust the Bible. But we have to understand what we read and your messages have helped me so much!

    I am now trying to follow the diet that god gave his followers and reading the Bible that is wrote for his followers that has been translated from Hebrew to English. It makes so much more sense to me. Thank you so much for the help

  4. Your personal thoughts and prayers mirror my own lately; your teaching always far exceeds. Bless you, Michael, for your faithfulness. I do support ARA wholeheartedly, in all the ways that I am able. Thank You, Yehovah, for sending us such a committed heart.

  5. I remember the panic of thinking Hillary could be our president and God spoke to me so loud that the people in the room heard the same thing…
    “Trump will win despite the polls!” …
    Then I remembered, if God can speak through a jackass he can work through Trump.
    It doesn’t matter, trump could be a mafia boss with evidence in plain sight, but no one will see it as long as Trump is serving God’s purpose.
    And Trump could be doing the will of the Lord and those that don’t see it are not called to see it… They are being left to a reprobate mind.
    intercessory is what is needed to bring more people into the word of the Lord so they can see and hear God at work.
    intercessory prayer to help people #walkaway
    At the last TrumPence

  6. Never forget that it is God who rules the universe (earth matters included). “He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and establishes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.” Daniel 2:21. America, a country consecrated to God can only be destroyed if it turns its back to the Lord (Like Israel did in the past). Christianity – each person that calls himself as belonging to God – has the responsibility to hear the voice of the Lord continuously; deny himself and only do the will of God as He directs him through the Holy Spirit. We need to work out our salvation every day, the process of sanctification, transformation of our minds and thought processes. To listen to God we must be dead to our own desires, wishes, dreams… and only have HIS. (otherwise our own desires will lead us, not Him). If each of us doesn’t do that, then we are being rebellious and disobedient to our Father, and that brings judgment, because the period of Grace is that… a period… with beginning and an END. God will not put up with our sin forever… and when He shows up, it will not be nice! Just see the corruption around us… we are salt that lost its flavor! It is time to REPENT, and to stop focusing on ourselves, our needs, our wants, our desires…. we better fulfill the purpose we had when He saved us: to do HIS will, to Establish His Kingdom on this earth…. being led by Him – not doing what we think He wants… He is the Boss! He must lead!

  7. In the year of 2007, Kim Clement prophesied that trump would become president and again in 2011 prophesied again that Donald trump is God’s choice man and much more.

  8. Yes Lord, I stand with my brothers and sisters and pray for your judgment against this evil in our country and that we would all turn back to you and walk in your truth. Amen.

  9. There is a God and He does Love America and Donald Trump. Yahoo, sound the trumpet, judge the wicked, love your neighbors but trust God.

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