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Consumable Nutrition: We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Yet Christians on a whole are some of the sickest and unhealthiest people on the planet. Why is that? You’ve heard ‘You are what we eat” but that’s just not true. We are what we absorb. We are not absorbing things we need to be healthy, but we are absorbing plenty of things that make us unhealthy.

Today good health requires a proactive effort. Just walking in our own yard can open us up for exposure to toxic chemicals that can have an adverse effect on the way we absorb nutrition and metabolize hormones. You may be attempting to eat heathy and taking handfuls of vitamins. But you may not be absorbing what you need to be heathy.

You need to fix the problem at the source, and start treating the problems instead of the symptoms. You have to go on the offensive to make your body absorb the nutrition the way the Creator wanted us to.

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