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Hear this amazing story about how my friend Sam Shappard who was rushed to the hospital with Covid-19

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Here is the interview I did about the CRP Blood test

Here is another interview I did with Sam about Astaxanthin


15 thoughts on ““Covid-19 Almost Killed Me”

  1. I’m glad I probably got it because it just made me stronger now I haven’t caught anything last year or this year. I used essential oils and raw onions and v C to get rid of that and every sickness

    • Your correct sister, when I came back from my trip in Mexico, I thought I had the virus, but later on I had found out that my condition was due to the 5g radiation. I believe that 5g is what is causing symptoms for most and people are not interpreting correctly.

  2. I am so glad he had a good outcome. I had a job requiring me to go to people’s homes during the pandemic. It was really sad because I would knock on a door and find out that one or more persons in the home was dead due to Covid. This happened MANY times during a three month period. On other contract jobs I would meet a new co-worker and hear a family member died from it. Please, even you do not think allopathic care works for chronic health situations, I understand. I feel the same way. However, in an emergency situation it can be VERY helpful and possibly save your life. Do not hesitate to go, but please ask questions if you can and be your own advocate too. Never agree to a treatment if it is against your morals or religion, etc… Ask them for an alternative. There are usually many ways to treat the same emergency medical issue. Best to all during this very trying time.

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