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    • +Mike M Lymphoma is a blood cancer. There are only two fluids in the body that carry waste, the blood and the lymph. Clean those up and you cure your cancer. It has nothing to do with the sun or the lack of vitamin D. 

    • There are herbal tinctures out the that help get the lymph moving. There’s a company names Good Herbs and they have a product called Lymphatic System. You can drop 15-30 drops 2 to 3 times per day in her water. Also the sauna as I mentioned as she need to sweat and remove toxins. Also, detox her system with fruit only as fruits like melons, and berries are alkalizing. A mini trampoline is good just have her jump up and down on it if she’s able to once or twice a day. Sunlight directly in her eyes( no sunglasses) make sure she poops several times a day as well. Not with a laxative but more like a colon cleanser like Oxygen Powder. Stay away from ALL plastics and have her drink from a glass,  

  1. I’m 82 years old and don’t eat much meat at all. Besides I really love vegetables.
    I’m Italian, and at my house, vegetable were one of the main dishes and they were always “Delicious” to say the least!.. I’m still in great health, so far, so great!..

  2. I had liver cancer. I had just started a sort of raw diet. I certainly had the tumor before I started the diet. After I was diagnosed I told no one, not my family, not my friends, no one. I did not go back to my doctor for five months. I started taking baking soda twice daily to keep my body alkoline as much as possible since the diet was not getting all the acid out of my system. I detoxed like crazy. I had headaches, I got skin rashes, I had loose bowels, I had smelly yellow perspiration, my urine was dark yellow. Finally I ran out of insulin (my diabetes also improved so that the insulin I had lasted much longer. I did still need some though.). My doctor sent me for an ultrasound of the tumor so they could see how large it had grown before doing another MRI, and it was gone, just gone. The technician noted that there was still a calcification on top of my liver where my body was trying to protect me from the tumor. After the tumor was gone I told everybody and they were all shocked. “Oh why didn’t you tell me?” Well I knew what they would all say. I knew how much pressure they would inflict upon me, because they “love me”. We are so wrong to love someone enough to put them under pressure to kill themselves with medication that makes people worse. I can do without that kind of love and I told them all that. Some were hurt but others understood. Nine out of ten cancer patients die. Yet oncologists do not loose their licenses. If they did maybe we would have a great change in medicine.

  3. This shows how much of a failure the AMA and FDA are. I use essential oils from thousands of years ago before I take a pHARMiceutical. I will not be a guinea pig and take a drug like Vioxx that has killed thousands. The FDA can’t even let you take citrus fruit for scurvy, you will take a drug. Dandelions could be a cure for cancer, but nowadays everyone kills them off. What’s wrong with a yellow flower on the lawn?

  4. Raw foods are the best possible choice for the prevention of chronic illnesses, but those who are already sick should not heed the big pharma propaganda via their oncologists. This is mostly complete disinformation designed to manipulate and control patients in order to maximise drug revenue.
    Chemo and radio-therapies are poisonous to humans, akin to killing an ant with a nuclear bomb or spreading highly toxic weed killer over a healthy garden with just a few weeds. What do you think will eventually re-surface? The flowers?

    There are several natural remedies for cancer and chronic diseases, many of which are published here on YouTube, but for cancer, you should immediately commence a raw food regime, but also including Amygdalin, otherwise known as Laetrile or Vitamin B17. This can either be obtained on-line from any pharmacy or retailer such as Amazon, or preferably by directly incorporating the seeds of apples, plums, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots or almonds (within the nut husk) into your food.
    Other recommended remedial products are sodium bicarbonate, hemp oil or seeds, and Soursop fruit or juice.
    If these few items are included in your raw food diet, any cancerous cells that remain will self-destruct with zero side effects!

    • +Doc W   Good advise above.  This part got my attention: Chemo and radio-therapies are poisonous to humans, akin to killing an ant with a nuclear bomb or spreading highly toxic weed killer over a healthy garden with just a few weeds. WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL RE-SURFACE? THE FLOWERS?

    • Thanks +Marie N Unfortunately I can’t take all the credit for that remark as something similar was originally coined by a brilliant naturopathic doctor, nutritionist and author, Dr.Leonard Coldwell 🙂

    • Doc W
      Is there a place to get all these seeds or do we manually de-seed them. Also, I thought earing seeds from some fruits were poisonous…
      Thank You For Sharing This Info!!!!! God Bless!

    • Mainstream doctors don’t exist to just heal people. That’s pretty much just a business based on misinformation and unawareness.
      I mean most of them actually already know about the real healing stuff like changing your diet, changing lifestyle and enviroment and other things, This idea isn’t new, you can tell by that quote by Hippocrates at the beginning of the video it’s been around for a very long time. “Big pharma” or whatever you call it won’t just let you spread the idea everywhere so you can ruin their entire business.

  5. apple cider vinager is also good for cancer and loads more things  its just amazing drink try braggs apple cider vineger

  6. Melissa… I recommend and highly advise.. You should try this: neem leaves dried drink like drinking tea and add turmeric. You have to get hold of the turmeric root and grind into powder it’s pure and its organic that way. Try it it’ll work I’m type one diabetic and its cured me it’s very healing..

  7. Is it possible to get what this guy did? I do not have cancer but I’m all for prevention. I want to know what foods he used etc etc. Please share 🙂

  8. I understand that this is a great hope for cancer patient. How about add Jesus to your treatment too? You will add a God to your team and will never lose in any situation. Please do it now.

  9. What a great video. What a strong message of hope. I don’t know who you are, but thank you for taking 10 minutes and 49 seconds out of your life to pass this important message on to us. Thank you!

  10. God gave you everything natural to fight diseases! Look in to it! This man is telling you the truth! The cures are all over the internet! A simple change in diet is cheaper then the killer chemo! It is better for you and oxygen therapy is also a good thing to look in to !Walnuts, peppers, garlic mushrooms, Oxygen therapy , and all dark skinned fruits like mulberry, raspberry are cancer fighting. Metake, Shitake and Reishi mushrooms. Please do not give up. God has provided everything to get you well! Your negative attitude also has to go! Negativity is food for the cancer cells!

  11. My friend was told, by her doctor, a doc she trusted, that following chemo, there was nothing more he could do for her, that she needed to get her affairs in order. She went home and died that night…she gave up. It was pathetic. She would not try anything holistic because her doctor told her not to. I hold that doctor responsible for taking away her hope.

  12. When it comes to your health you have to make decisions for yourself. I won’t tell my family if I want to do altenative therapist because I don’t want to deal with the hassle.

  13. It’s interesting if an MD tries to treat cancer and the patient dies that’s ok. If a person goes to an alternative practitioner and dies that person is a quack. MD’s lose patients to cancer every day but they are NOT ever considered quacks. Things have to change!

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