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Sad news folks, popular health author Andreas Moritz has died.

Andreas was the Author of many health books including
-The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush
-Cancer Is Not a Disease
-Diabetes – No More

Here are links to the videos that I've interviewed Andreas Moritz about his books:

Here is an update on the cause of the death of Andreas Moritz from his facebook page

Dear Friends,

Since the time of Andreas' passing, we have received several emails from caring friends, colleagues and clients around the world asking to know more about the cause and circumstances of his crossing over.

It is our understanding that the cause of his death dates back to his serious health problems in early childhood.

At that time, the medical doctors in Germany diagnosed him as having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and severe arrhythmia, amongst many other medical conditions. Unable to alleviate his ailments, and to the best of our understanding, the doctors did not give him much hope of surviving past his teen years or early adulthood; his life expectancy was short, and this is something Andreas has mentioned in several of his books and interviews.

Realizing that mainstream medicine was unable to help him, Andreas acknowledged that the only real chance he had of overcoming these chronic and debilitating health issues was to learn everything he could about how the human body truly functions. And so by the young age of 15, Andreas had begun to make a serious study of the human digestive system, experimenting with many different changes to his food intake and overall nutrition. He finally discovered that foods derived from animal (protein) sources were poisoning his body, and when he eliminated them, many of his symptoms disappeared.

His deep and unrelenting passion for learning more and more about human health, restoring one's health naturally, and sharing this knowledge, wisdom and experience to help others around the globe remained the central focus and driving thrust throughout his life. Thanks to this, he soon discovered the liver and gallbladder flush (the one described in his books) to be the most effective approach — a natural, non-invasive healing modality that finally enabled him to restore his overall health and that of millions of people worldwide.

A couple of months before his transition, Andreas was exposed to insidious mold inhalation. This, with time, created complications that led to heart valve failure, which stemmed from his childhood "severe arrhythmia". Understandably, Andreas refused to have invasive surgical treatments or procedures, living by his deep-rooted beliefs and supported by a calm, inner knowingness that his time on Earth was completed.

It is common knowledge that Andreas had totally transcended all fear of death. And that was his tranquil, fulfilled state of heart, mind and soul when he did pass over, with his beloved wife, Lillian, by his side.


71 thoughts on “Death of Popular Health Author Andreas Moritz

  1. The average mainstream doctor dies aged 58! That’s younger than the average couch potato. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andreas Moritz was killed off by the Big Pharma boys.  He must have been a threat to their drug profits.

  2. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. “ – Ephesians 6:12

    Dr. Max Gerson being #1 holistic healer, (in my opinion), and definitely Andreas Moritz right under Dr. Gerson…. Both, were sought out til’ their last day, by both, good and bad people if you catch my drift. 

    Sad, sad, fact that evil greedy folk on this earth (which are in fact, very few, compared to how many good benevolent kind hearted folk) try so hard to limit us in every which way possible. Especially to those that hinder their profit. Like both Dr. Gerson and Mr. Moritz had done so for so many years and actually touched so many hearts and healed so many bodies.

    So you know, I actually know a cancer survivor of over 2 decades who beat it with the help of Dr. Gerson’s Therapy. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer (don’t recall which one exactly since they have so many, alleged types), and was told that she had 3 months to live if she didn’t undergo chemo.

    She refused and went to the Gerson Institute in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico and beat cancer in less time than she was given to live. That’s righ, she beat it in less than 3 months with nothing but natural organic foods, minerals and vitamins.

    Don’t you find it odd that the only 3 acceptable forms of cancer treatments only have a 2-3% success ratio? When in fact, the Gerson Therapy, when followed to the ‘T’ has had a 100% success ratio. Only a few out of the tens of thousands (over 50,000 to be a little more frank) who died after trying, were elder patients who literally had no will to live since they had lived a full life anyhow.

    Why do you think the Gerson Therapy and many other forms of alternative natural treatments to many of the so called “deadly deceases” are actually illegal here? Do you think that the extremely higher success ratio, appose to chemo, radiation, or surgery is actually too dangerous (appose to radiation to the body which kills all cells even the good ones) to be allowed here?

    Of course not… Are you aware that no one is authorized/approved to patent anything that grows out of the ground? This means big pharma and the medical industries can’t profit if a less expensive, painless, and relatively easy to do method is available, that mind you, has a 100% success ratio. Do the math… is this just a mere coincidence? You be the judge.

    It is a proven fact that Dr. Gerson was poisoned with mercury. Not once but twice. The second time, was a higher dosage and was unable to detect it to be able to treat himself and rid himself of that poison like he did the first attempt.

    I’m not saying this is what happened to Mr. Moritz, but consider the condition of his skin, especially on his face. Look at the tone in his physique (if you can track down his last interview), at his age…

    All, I am saying is that, even I, who have been living a holistic lifestyle for almost 2 decades now and not to sound arrogant nor egotistical, but if you would see me with ALL my friends who are my age or even younger, you would swear they were much older than me.

    What I am getting at is that I haven’t got sick but a mere handful of times in the past 2 decades do to my holistic style. The correlation is that I am no where near the level Mr. Moritz was with his holistic lifestyle, and if I’ve had the success I’ve had with my health and this lifestyle, don’t you think It would be the same for anyone else? Especially one at a very high level of degree in such healthy holistic lifestyle?

    The same odd occurrence of young or sudden unexplained deaths has happened to many great benevolent minds of this beautiful Earth.

    Nikola Tesla comes to mind, instantly. He found a way to harness electrical currents from the atmosphere directly near above us (only several hundred feet high) and proposed a method of providing all of the U.S. with FREE electrical energy with a simple little box installed in every home, that would harness this FREE energy, risk free of danger. But his investor (I won’t mention his name – but very easy to find), the infamous tyrant, was petrified to hear that his investments will not bring forth profit even though it would have changed this world for the positive. Then somehow, shortly after that news, Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds/inventor of our history, was inexplicably bed ridden and died broke, all alone in his death bed.

    Again, you make the math. I’m just pointing out facts that provide evidence to odd coincidences involving the threat of someone’s, or something’s profit.

    God forbid, that someone you know and love dearly, were struck with cancer, would you rather they live way past their projected prognosis of “eminent death”. Don’t forget, by utilizing a method that is pain free and inexpensive or for them to risk dying sooner then their projected time frame of death, and not to mention, with immense pain and grief?

    We must look at things with a neutral mind and an unbiassed opened heart to truly receive truth/knowledge and wisdom (amongst many other fruitful benefits). Even the Bible states it many, many times throughout it.

    Peace be with you my dear brothers and sisters and all else who has the patience to read my novel I just wrote you. Namaste!

    “The lips of wisdom or closed only to the ears of understanding.” – The Kybalion

    • Excellent comments. We have all we need to heal in nature, so it’s heartbreaking that greed has taken over with so many needless deaths. And it’s criminal that people who speak the truth are murdered. I’m 69, and my husband is 77, and we are in perfect health and take NO pharmaceuticals, and we never will. The holistic path is happy and life giving. Blessings to you!

    • StonebridgeOxford HOA
      I loved this comment!! Good for you and your hubby choosing the divine natured path. We are creators. We don’t need pills, vaccinations, GMO’s, invasive procedures to heal…WE CAN HEAL ourselves. We are creators!

  3. I am shocked.
    I barely knew Andreas,
    But I began to love him pretty quickly.
    He always was at peace. His voice was soothing and reassuring,
    And he was very knowledgeable.

    I pray for his family.
    Thank you, for a dignified response.

    I also was highly inspired by what you said about living our lives in the best possible way.
    I strive to do so daily, but as I listened to you, I was going through a mental checklist.
    I believe there’s much room for improvement. God bless you for a thoughtful video.

  4. No way in hell Andrea’s died due to a health issue! This was a brilliant man! Read the comments below. This brings a lot of pain to my heart that so many of our natural docs are “passing”.

    • Allegedly, his death was unexpected. Several months before Andreas Moritz died, he was exposed to insidious mold. Inhaling this mold created complications which worsened his heart arrhythmia, the same thing he’d dealt with since childhood.

      According to Andreas family, he refused to have invasive surgical treatments or procedures, living by his deep-rooted beliefs and supported by a calm, inner knowingness that his time on Earth was completed.

    • ayaanle idris I hear what you’re saying. Not saying he started holistic practices before the age 10, however, Andreas was definitely noted as being a hands-on kind of guy. From an early age he thought, “well, if the doctors can’t heal me, I’ll do it myself!” Defying the odds (and those pessimistic doctors🤥). I’m not sure how much he actually comprehended at the age 10, however, I’m certain his outlook changed after he survived his doctors misdiagnosis that he wouldn’t live passed age 10. In fact, he lived past ten; and then by 20 years old he’d completed his training in iridology. By age 27, he was a qualified practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine.

      Note: all the while, Andreas had been ill all throughout his life, and doctors treated the symptoms rather than the cause of the disease. 🧐Andreas wasn’t happy with this, so he devoted his time and training to more holistic means of treating his illnesses, and the illness of others.

    • nardo73 ok coop i can respect that…he was in search of truth and knowledge and decided he wont leave his faith to others is amazing.
      i respect some of the things he says but they r others stuff that r just plain wrong which is ok he is human no one knws everything…..just take the good n leave the bad n research what most of what he saying .

    • Was promoting Veganism for big pharma and they don’t want us to know how he died because they still collecting money misleading people with this videos. He died from lacking of nutrients because of Veganism.

  5. people such as Andreas Moritz are a threat to the elites and the corrupt food industries, FDA and similar institutions …. who attempt to prevent the truth being told by brave individuals such as himself to the masses. He was a true humanitarian… and champion for the truth. R.I.P.

  6. Andreas  Moritz  helped many thousands of people during his short life including myself. I had a very bad Gall Bladder attack several years ago and at the time I thought I was going to die. After the attack subsided I went to my local doctor who recommended I should go & have surgery asap.At the time I was 62 and I gave it some thought.  A total stranger would operate on me & throw my gall bladderinto a metal bin . All in ALL — Very , very NASTY stuff. NOT FORGETTING HIS BIG FEE — and the fact that at 62 I could pick up a bug in one those clinics or hospitals which might kill me. I got a copy of Mr Moritz’s book on the ‘ Liver & Gall bladder Flush ‘ . I tried it out immediately . What I expelled from my body was incredible……There were  TWO LARGE LIVER FLUKES as well as many small & very hard sharp stones . Since that time I have never looked back & have NEVER had a Gallbladder attack again. I am so grateful to Mr Moritz for his help.  Really  sad to hear of his death . A wonderful naturopath.

  7. I just came across Andreas and I’m very intrigued by him he seems very brilliant..than I was thinking I wonder if they’ve killed him off yet….and of course I came across this video 🙁 more and more holistic doctors speaking out are being killed off…look into it ppl wake up

    • +ReviewWizard He was a vegetarian and believed he didn’t need protein. But protein is the building block of the body and as you get older you need that very much. I believe he was wrong in following a vegetarian diet. I don’t know but somehow I feel his diet was wrong. I do believe in some of the things he suggested and died, but not in not eating meat. Also, he was not very well informed about the fats. He still used oils and avoided saturated fats which the body really needs. Still I am sorry that he died. He meant well and was a good man. RIP Moritz.

    • Gittl G. I clearly said that didnt i?
      I said,”see i can say absurd things too”.. Meaning; everything i just said was sarcastic to make fun of THIS conspiracy theory that someone killed him, when common sence says that he wasnt getting a balanced diet which led to his premature death..

  8. He was assessinated,

    Less than two months before dying he releseases his new book
    Vaccine-nation: Poisoning The Population One Shot At A Time

    As he himself says “The topic is very much provoking and I am aware of that”.

    Of course it is, he is exposing the biggest strategy of the medical mafia to poison people, right when they are trying to enforce it by law for any flu and push it for any kind of desease!

    I think he has reached the threshold of dangereousness for the medical mafia. If before they were just tryind to dissuade people not to believe, with this one they must have thought it was necessary to kill him.

    4 books still on the way to be published: no, his work was not complete yet to leave this world vs what his wife or team work stated. Books had been to first be published and then promoted to get the message to people.

    He cancelled his private consultations/supposed sign that he was ill: if he was busy with four new books and its spreading it is understandable that he needed to focus on the books.

    Malaria made him weaker? no, with a near death experience when you reach the source of love and awareness, you come back with such an energy that you are stronger and healthier than before, and your love for mankind just give you more energy and inner drive to help.

    Suicide? no, with his understanding of life he knew it would be a mistake.

    His wife/ team work silence: they must have been threatened.

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