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We need to completely come out of Babylon if we want to avoid the death and murder by sickness and disease of the rulers of this earth and against the anointed. In this video Bible teacher Michael Rood talks about the conspiracy to destroy us via pharmacia.


25 thoughts on “Death With Pharmacia By Michael Rood

  1. Luke 22:17-20 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and said, Take this, and divide it among yourselves:18 For I say unto you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine, until the kingdom of God shall come.19 And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.20 Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.

  2. Matthew 22:36-40 Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. (by loving the Lord & others you fulfill the 10 commandments because the first 5 deal with u & God the last 5 deals with u and people

  3. Nowhere does it say it had to have been three FULL days. It was parts of three days. Anyone would use these terms to describe any other event.

  4. Moses’ Laws only apply to Christians in the principle of love, not sacrifices, etc. Christ “fulfilled the Law.”
    The “new covenant for a kingdom” is only for those who would be part of God’s Kingdom by Christ (Revelation 14:1-4; 7:14)–144,000 in number.

    At our creation, God never made provision 4 us 2 go 2 heaven. We were made from dust, meant 2 to live forever on EARTH (PS 37:11, 29). See Gen. 1. That was a special arrangement after the fall 4 a limited #..

  5. Babylon the Great in Revelation is the collective world empire of pagan or other false religion. See Revelation 18.
    How we know:
    There are 3 ruling facets of all societies; commerce, politics, and religions. Since it states that merchants (24corrupt businesses) mourn her since she no longer buys their luxuries, & she commits fornication with (influences) kings (world rulers), what else is left?
    And her death is just, since she is responsible for ALL deaths EVER, on earth. Rev 18:24 …..

  6. The reason God lays every death of every human on earth at the feet of false religion lies in the principle of loyaltyand obedience to God

    If mankind does not follow Gods direction, then he sets himself above God, worshipping, in effect, himself, thus creating a false religion. And any religion that teaches and practices other than God commands is a false religion. Couple the two, and collective Babylon is judged responsible for all deaths from Adam and Eve to our day.–See Revelation 18:24

  7. The lesson is that if our first parents had stayed loyal & followed God,s direction, they would still be alive on earth today, enjoying the love of many progeny, & there would STILL be only 1 religion, just like God planned it (Isaiah 55:11). As it was, they made the first false religion, followed by death.
    THis will still work out, that there will only be one religion (by God, and not by the NWO, either). It will just take a little more time.
    Revelation 21:3,4; Psalm 37:11, 29, Proverbs 2:21

  8. With all due respect . You should read YA’s word in the HEBREW . Then you would see that there is a ” renewed covenant ” . Translation error or intentional error ? Either way , you have been misled . A common teaching among CHRISTIANS is that the messiah did away with the TORAH . Not true .Reread PAUL’s writings , as well as messiahs own comments . The problem at the time ( and still is ) was man made laws conflicting with the creators laws . Rabbis call these tochenote .( Intentional spelling)

  9. Now , as regards the SABBATH ; No such command exists as to changing YA’s commands . Either in the first covenant , or the renewed covenant ( new testament ). The fact is that the last sovereign emperor of ROME ( CONSTANTINE ) changed the SABBATH from what we call SATURDAY , to Sunday . He imposed a death penalty for breakers of this change too . He worshipped the sun .His changes were political only .The Roman church followed up on this change and enforced it till this very day .

  10. I think Mr. Rood is wrong on one point. I believe that Babylon does not care whether you recognize them as such. In fact, I think they want you to know that they are Babylon. And they expect you to be afraid, because there is damn good reason to be. But Yeshua did not give us a spirit of fear.

  11. Exodus 30:23 speaks of Kaneh bosem, some books say its calamus , but calamus is highly toxic and the 6-9 pounds needed would kill the priest, I have the levitical priesthood, I may bless and use the oil so I may go to Yahweh ,he is also called El or great creator, most commonly known as God or G-d(omitting the sacred vowel) would G-d tell us to use a poison to anoint babies , the sick , priests and their rulers? Kaneh bosem is Kaneh Bos / qaneh Bos sounds a lot like cannabis , just wondering

  12. But pharma that killed my mother needs to step down first so I can grow the required 6-9 pounds of Kaneh Bos-m / hemp needed, I need the flowering tops of the Kaneh bos-m plant (the highest THC concentration on the plant) the first fruit , clear THC crystals to make, when clear get happy effect, may Yahweh bless you, Christ or messiah means anointed one, Christians not anointed technically are not Christian without it.

  13. Just count, 3 days and 3 nights. Friday day (ONE DAY) Friday night (ONE NIGHT) Saturday day( TWO DAYS ) Saturday night (TWO NIGHTS) Sunday day (THREE DAYS)
    At the very least you can not get 3 nights. Put three “FULL” days aside. You can’t get three days and three nights from Friday to Saturday.

  14. Jamie. Jesus was the Passover lamb. which would be killed on Wen evening.. the reason He could not be kept on the cross and they went to break His legs.. was because of this fact. so He did die on Wen..and arose on Sat..Jewish tradition. the fact that Jesus followed all the rules. He was the lamb.. he was in the ground.. three days..because it was the feast of unleavened bread.. and rose on the day of Atonement..He fulfilled the feasts.. there are only 3 before you argue

  15. I live a life of severe pain 9/10 of the time. What hope is there for someone like me. I have a left leg amputation and I have phantom pain like 90. I will tell you this much. I am on 4 drugs that if I do not use them the shock pain in my stump goes out of this world. I tried to stop them and boy did I ever get sick. So now what can I do? Well I rebuke the pain and rebuke the tingling and I ask all of you who read this please pray that I can govern myself to get off all these meds.I am scared. Am I going to get free. I am Torah observant and love Yashua. Help.

    • John….looks to me like you are smoking a cigarette in this picture. How can you expect to get better and are praying for relief from pain when you are disobeying God by destroying the temple of God (your body) by smoking? This is probably the reason for your amputation. I know smokers who have had amputations who CONTINUE to smoke and who have died shortly thereafter. Please …wake up before it’s too late!

    • I am going through similar problems. I got off the major pills and got on some others. Progress but it takes time to undo these things sometimes. Others don’t understand how difficult this is. So sick you cannot move. I understand. Continue to pray brother. Keep the faith. I should not be here myself. I give all the glory to the father and Yahushua . We can talk anytime. Stay positive also. Eat right.

    • I was put on klonopin for anxiety an stayed on for 11 years. It was through reading the bible that in Matthew and revelation it states not one person who is on pharmakeia will be accepted into the kingdom. I was getting sicker and sicker from my meds because they are witchcraft. I got off at the same time I came to the faith of my messiah Yeshua!!!! I feel sick most days from not being on the pill bc my brain has not 100% healed. We are to be sober minded

    • JohnFive Eagles Szuros Jesus is the evidence that resolves the Old Testament prophecies. The Gospels begin with the,First Book of John. And Hebrews 1 verse 1 says ” God who in sundry times and in diverse manner spoke to us by the prophets NOW. speaks to us through Jesus Christ. He is God who came in the form of a human being, full of Grace and Truth. My health problems were slightly different to yours, and I am terribly sorry you have suffered so much. Let me tell you this :. Two years ago I was suddenly struck down with a Cardiac Arrest. This isn’t a heart attack, but literally death, you stop breathing and the heart ceases to beat. As I walked down to our local Sainsbury’s, I knew what was about to occur being in very strong pain, but then the Holy Spirit brought God’s Word with” I will not die but live and declare the wonderful works of the Lord. A few minutes later I was calling Paramedics who arrived within 5 minutes. Three minutes later I had the Cardiac Arrest in the ambulance. Only 10 people out of every 100 ever survive a Cardiac Arrest, and I put it down to faith and God’s grace to me ( undeserved !) Two years have passed, but I found I had to take heart tablets, blood pressure tablets all the lot ! Recently those tablets started to have a really frightening effect on me with seizures, in which I thought I would die, and I couldn’t walk atall either. I was walking like a 100 year old geriatric. The Ramipril, Bisoprolol Apixaban, were fighting my body or vice versa and I wanted to die. So I prayed, asking God in Jesus fervently for an answer. Not a few days passed but my cousin suddenly arrived from France. My cousin suggested I just take garlic and ginger every day after Cider vinegar and water, and that I should change my diet. All this came after MUCH PRAYER ! And these ideas of his were the right answer ! I just know it was God intervening even though my cousin is not a Christian., God definitely used him to save my physical life. That was some time ago, I got of the terrible pharmaceutical tablets, and I have stopped having heart failure and seizures, I can walk and do normal things again !
      The point of telling you this is that when we tell God who is Jesus and the Word. we think nothing will change, but he will act for us. He uses other people to get through to us what to do to get better from illness etc. In my case my cousin told me of God’s natural cures. He didn’t know God was using him to help me, that wasn’t necessary you see.
      I don’t know what the answer is for you, but I know one thing…..the Lord DOES know the right answer, so remind him how you feel, you sound at a very low ebb, tell Jesus, he will not turn away, pharmaceutical drugs are only temporary pain shifters, and in 5 years behind to attack the body. IThry srd to line the pivkets of the people running this world. The Bible says that the whole world lies under the SWAY of the Evil One, this means people who are UnSaved are blown about by Satanic ideas and inventions, but if you persist in prayer, God will supply the answer to heal you. Think of Smith Wigglesworth how through his faith people got healed of impossible disease. Also people are healed through the laying on of hands and oil . I will pray for you. Satan afflicts with illness not God, and God didn’t design you to live in infirmity. There will be an answer. God loves you so much.

    • I will be praying for you, Brother John. I am so sorry you have been going through so much pain! I know my pain might not compare to yours but, I have gone off terribly strong meds for chronic pain from inflammatory arthritis , a rare childhood spine disease & it’s effects -as well as anxiety & depression. I am actively seeking , Abba Yah’weh for his wisdom , more pain relief & complete healing to be able to function better. All I know is Our Heavenly Father says he will care for us -even when we feel at our worst -giving us his strength & grace -knowing he has promised to carry our burdens. I pray you receive his touch daily & help. Much love, healing , provision & blessings to you!

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