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21 thoughts on “Deficiencies on a vegan diet

    • +balderdashery G I feel odd about adopting a diet I consider optimal and then having to supplement in one way or another. I think if you have to supp, there’s something wrong with your diet.

    • +aattitude If we lived in a clean world and could drink water from a river or lake, we would not have to supplement B12. If you are eating animal products to get ur B12 then you should know that the animals are being supplemented because they are deficient as well. As a matter of fact 40% of the population is deficient because the top soil that grows so much of our food is dead from all the chemicals. So one way or another you are being supplemented. I live in Canada and anyone who doesn’t supplement vit D is really deficient unless they use a tanning bed.

    • +balderdashery G true. I’m a vegan but there’s still a lot unanswered questions and conundrums. I’ve wondered about adding bivalves into my diet in order to take care of zinc, iron, b12, and omega 3s in one sweep, as bivalves are extremely rich in those nutrients, and as a vegan, the fact they don’t have central nervous systems makes it highly likely they don’t feel pain or fear.

  1. Take natural supplements and herbs to your illnesses.For example for example I have a chronic illness that causes me to swell. I use nettle powder, and dandelion root to keep down swelling, keep my liver clean. This also helps my blood pressure, allergies, etc. Transitioned away from drugs to healthy whole clean food and herbs. It’s getting to the root of my illnesses and fixing them instead of covering symptoms with drugs . It’s working. I’m reversing a LONG list of illnesses and savin my life

  2. us ppl who cannot afford good supplements and bld tests that check for defiencies just have to deal with it and hope in prayer to heal us.

  3. @ Paul Nison ,why deleted comments ?! i recommended that she would consider having some St john’s wort and him some Valerian… and now you some ginkgo biloba because you miscomprehended me likely due to processing potentials deficiency — ‘The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.’ Lao Tzu

  4. I can’t help but feel that if I have to take these supplements then the diet can’t be the best for you. What am I missing? Can we not get B12 from plants or anything else at all? I don’t wanna rely on supplements, I just wanna be natural.

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