This Teaching will open your mind to the "DYNAMIC WISDOM"….."Demonic Healing – Magical Medicine of The Nephilim Nation – Part 2" ….A MUST LISTEN TOO TEACHING…….RIVETING….
A DYNAMIC INSIGHT of WISDOM beyond our ability to comprehend the power of it substance "MAGIC MEDICINE!!! We all should ask the question "what is happening, and is this real? YES IT IS REAL!!! MEDICINE TODAY IS THE BEST THING FOR ME! Do you trust this statement? Are the doctors in it for the MONEY, or the love of the profession? You want to be with us for Part 2 of this Teaching!! This Teaching of Part 2 will be a blessing to you that join us on this wonderful insight of MAGICAL MEDICINE!!


5 thoughts on ““Demonic Healing” – Magical Medicine of The Nephilim Nation” 4/8/17 Part Two

    • Yahuchanonyakov I don’t go by what others say, I have to see for myself. This man has given me much understanding and is an inspiration in my life. I love the brother in Yahoshua, also just cause your relationship with him didn’t work doesn’t mean mines won’t. I’m looking forward to meeting him soon

    • Yahuchanonyakov That’s exactly what I’m thinking of doing anyway he’s already given me the green light. But you still haven’t told me one thing or given me an example of wicked doings or stealing money from the church sexual relationship with the congregants, baring false witness what did this man do. If you can’t​ prove it then I’ll be led to believe that you’re murmuring against your fellow brethren with falsehoods and you’ll be judge for it. Shalom and have a great Passover.

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