A viewer wanted to know the best way to detoxify from sugar and caffeine. Below is her question and this video in my answer. In the video I talk about the Ejuva herbal cleanse. If you are interesting in learning more about the Ejuva cleanse here is the link;

Here is the question:

I am having a lot of trouble with cravings. I am detoxing from sugar and caffeine. I am also drinking alkaline water to help detox. I messed up and bought yogurt and ate 4, it made my weakness and headache go away but I really want to be free of these cravings, I want to change my life and my family. is there anything I can do to have less severe reactions/cravings?


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  1. Rapid heart rate is never a good thing. I’d have a doctor check you out. Your body should be able to detox without an issue like this and if you get it more than once just get it checked out to make sure it’s okay. dizziness is normal for detox but not so dizzy you can’t stand.

  2. I’ve been addicted to coffee for years. I get flu like symptoms when i dont drink it. (Headaches, bodyaches,& even depression). I was able to quit for about a month a few years ago, but like in the case of most addictions, my brain tricked me into thinking that I could just have an occasional cup now and then. Wrong. Huge mistake! I has hooked all over again& have been ever since. I kinda gave up and forgot about even trying to quit. Until I saw this video! Thx for posting! Iam now re-inspired!

  3. I’ve been able to stop a couple times. My method is this: Reduce the intake a bit, then start watering it down. Then switch to either fake coffee (many use cherry bark) and/or green tea. Then completely move to green tea. The caffeine in green tea is much different than coffee, which gives a spike. Green tea gives a lower, but longer-lasting effect. Also, your body handles it much different. The quicker you can move to tea, the better.

  4. Sounds like either a form of lactose intolerance or a reaction to a bacteria in the milk. But without knowing how much water you drink, what type of milk (dairy or goat), and other factors from your diet, it’s hard to tell.

  5. This is one symptom of lactose intolerance. If you get dizzy from a whole glas of milk than I would avoid milk at all. Otherwise I would advice you to stop drinking milk which has been processed in any form, thus milk in containers, bottles, etc. This is also valid for goat or sheep milk.
    Milk in combination with fruits always develops gas in the colon. I would generally reduce the intake of milk products and see how your body reacts to that.

  6. I am a kinesiological health advisor and I test my clients with a non-invasive muscletest on food-intolerances, heavy metals, toxins, parasites, fungus, etc. My food-test consists of more than 500 different items. This kinesiological muscletest can be done even by far distance and is very accurate. More info on my website holistic-medical-advisor . com

  7. I would strongly advise a detox. Your mother probably still has an inflammation. Only a diet of all gluten (starch), sugar (all sugar and aspartam!), coffee, milk (all products!) can stop the inflammation. If the inflammation is gone – the pain is gone too!
    Some older people cannot change their eating habbits anymore – mostly because they are full of toxins and this has influenced their rational thinking. If she wants to detox – that’s super! But if not, work with energy medicine.

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