30 thoughts on “Deuteronomy Sneak Peek

  1. I’m an atheist and I don’t think religion is good for people, but your videos are still great and I think they are very educational. Keep it up.

  2. you guys are amazing, and so are your videos; it’s refreshing to review the books of the Bible with a larger picture in mind and I’ve taken away so much insight 🙂 THANK YOU BLESS

  3. Hey guys, the picture of the tree off to the side in these videos has a Hebrew word under the words “hold fast”; does that translate directly to “hold fast” or does it mean something else. Thanks for all you continue to do. Blessings, and Christ’s peace. – Dalton

  4. these videos are amazing!! What a great way to tell a story. Could you guys make a video on how you do these videos? It will really help visual the intricate details and appreciate your work even more! I’m in awe!

  5. Love how you make the bible fun. Wow…love is in Deut. Didn’t know that. What do you think of the Sabbath or 4th commandment? All ten have not been done away with. Exodus 20 says the 7th day is the Sabbath….to do no work. But people are disobeying it. Wonder why?

  6. Your videos have blessed me sooooo much!!!!!! So amazing! Thank you! Will you complete the entire bible? Interested in proverbs and more of the Old Testament.

  7. Thank you brother. This is a very helpful video. All you said is true. I’ve always wondered what seek first the kingdom of God means. Glad i found this video. This helped me understand that I should look up to Jesus and cast all my worries to Him. The Lord will provide and I will continue seeking Him . You are a blessing from God.

  8. I did a search for “love” in the ESV, and got 152 instances in Psalms, 36x in 1 John, and 26x in John. Deuteronomy only gave 15. Where am I going wrong that you have Dt as being #1 for occurences of “love.” As flex search (incl. lovers, loving, etc.) reveals the same stats. Tim, are you sure?

  9. Hi Bible Project! I appreciate everything y’all do. God bless you guys. I suggest you guys make theme videos on the different names of God and how they differ like Abba, Jehovah, etc.

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