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4 thoughts on “Diabetes Cure Episode 5 of 9 (My Comments)

  1. Great series, great information. Please pray for me as I’m taking the plunge. I stopped eating meat three weeks ago and now it’s time to give up dairy ( and the antibiotics and salmonella and e-coli eeewww) and get healthy. Thanks Paul so much.

  2. We need to find and tackle the underlying cause for these addictions, ,ie: childhood root issues of all types of abuse (happened to me )being bullied (happened to me )domestic abuse (happened to me )loneliness (happening now to me)chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia pain inflammation etc (happening now to me )insomnia anxiety and depression (happening now to me )etc…you are correct and a comfort to and many other’s keep lonely people like me relatively sane..😢 thankyou. .I’ve been set free many years ago from its comfort eating. .I’m two stone overweight. had bodily pain since childhood (drs called it growing pains) now 51 and pains much worse,,and has been since in my 20’s..

  3. Sorry I missed you live! Thank you so much for getting the word out. The peer pressure is REAL though. I was Vegan for two years and caved in to family and friends who thought I was too fanatical. All of my original issues came back. I gained back 35 pounds and my asthma returned along with my heartburn and and other health issues. I am now back on a raw vegan 🌱 diet ( except some potatoes and beans and Rice) and my energy and literally my HAPPINESS has returned!!!! Be strong people!!! Listen to your body! And pray and ask God for strength and clarity! God Bless!!!

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