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According to bestselling author, Andreas Moritz, diabetes is not a disease; in the vast majority of cases, it is a complex mechanism of protection or survival that the body chooses to avoid the possibly fatal consequences of an unhealthful diet and lifestyle.

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29 thoughts on “Diabetes is not a disease!

  1. you got that right. im in college and now i, doing an paper on this an exposing thier buts, i dont care what these blind stupid college think. its the truth!!

  2. heck yea. they want us to be sick to get more money. American has lost it! people are so blinded and act like zombies because of the media and everything around them. they dont know whats happening or even worse they dont care!! by the way check out walmart..evil lol. im a christain so this my point a view. since america has turned away from God everything has went down hill. i just wish people would love one other than hare each other. then maybe this wont go on for long

  3. how exactly does your anecdotal account contradict or disprove anything?
    could it be you inherited the condition from your parents lifestyle?

  4. This is very true, I developed type 1 diabetes, not by genetics but by the 6 vaccinations I received all at once from the U.S military. My focus is going to be about switching my life style to a more raw vegan diet stand point and to try to flush those harmful metals out of my body.

  5. Dr. Moritz was born with a lot of serious health issues…Instead of being a “cry baby” he studied all his life and unselfishly put his neck out there to denounce unethical business and professional conduct.  What I hear is he suddenly died of a heart problem.  I would not be surprised to learn sometime in the future that he was murdered.  He is among few people who has been able to denounce Pharma Inc. with scientific evidence.  Just think how the food and drug industry is starting to hurt (financially) due to people “voting” with their billfolds and purses when buying natural non-GMO food, and growing their own veggies when possible. That is besides the fact that most of us are taking a “preventive medicine” approach and avoiding MD’s unless it is an emergency that may require surgery.  There are a few real medical doctors that challenge their industry … and have their licenses cancelled.

    • Wisdom and Peace This is not always true . Most people get type 2 diabetes in there older life or when there older . Mostly being overweight as you can’t exercise as much . Type one comes along out of nowhere and many children die from it everyday . They don’t know what causes it . An it very much not like a family thing. It doesn’t just get passed down.

    • I was diagnosed with type 1 insulin dependent diabetes at age 11, after being in a comatose state, and recently CMT1A. I’m 44 now and no one else going back five generations on either side of my family have this.

  6. What causes most of our diseases is our consumption of animal products, i.e., meat, fish, poultry, seafood, dairy, eggs, etc. These ‘food’ items causes a pH shift to acid in our bodies. One of the first organs to suffer from being subjected to constant acid conditions is the pancreas. If this acid isn’t neutralized or if the body pH isn’t moved into alkaline, further organ failure and cancer can develop. Many health gurus never address animal proteins as being the culprit, but talk around the issue. Prof Colin Campbell showed through research in The China Study that our bodies can handle most environmental toxins if animal products as catalysts aren’t part of the equation. For optimum health a well-planned and well-balanced plant-based diet should be followed, consuming as great a variety vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds possible as possible, and mostly raw.

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