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5 thoughts on “Diabetes no more!

  1. Do we really need 9 episodes to explain the most obvious info ever, which you essentially just explained in this video??? Their not even covering how to fully recover from type 1 diabetes, which can be naturally cured. Or addressing the auto immune aspect of type 1. Some people get type 1 diabetes well into adult hood, and are not just born with it.

    • Yes there is so much information to the story people don’t know about. You can’t fit 55 experts and other interviews and stories with people in a one hour interview. Each episode will reveal information of how to heal.

    • That sounds like its about promoting, not healing. . . 55 experts are not what’s critical to healing diabetes. Experts have wasted hours and years of people’s time -look at the pharmaceutical industry. And they aren’t even giving real information on curing type 1.

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