What does being holy really mean? What is permissible according to the Bible and what isn't? Who decides the difference?

Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon explore the "holiness" question as it relates to a recent action by Ivanka Trump — and to the "Torah police" that scolded her!



8 thoughts on “Did The Apostle Peter Eat Ham? | Inside Israel with Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon

  1. i agree with this channel and the blessings it has been giving people the knowledge and truth of torah but it doesnt give the truth of who the true isrealites are.

  2. I think the day Nehemiah announces his acceptance of Yeshua as Messiah, it’s going to be an extremely significant day because Michael will ask, “What caused you to believe?”
    I believe his answer will be an amazing revelation, not just for the Jews, for the whole word.

  3. Likewise, those of us raised in churchianity have had to go through deprogramming and seek to discern what the Bible says verses what we have been told it says. Thanks for the help.

  4. Hello, I´m Feniel Ramirez from Venezuela, I would to know if the Mr Michael Rood share convertations throught skype,or zoom ….. m m m well my english is not good enough but could understand almost everything.

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