We often see people that are trying to keep up with the latest fads in nutrition, diets and complete wellness. But what's wise? We know there’s no shortage of diets to try or special herbs to take! But your biggest concern is knowing what types of diets to follow and how they affect the body during and afterward.

There are plenty of diets out there that are not evidence-based. They will help you lose weight, but they’ll also help you gain it back faster than you lost it!

Likewise, vitamins are not all created equal. Some are great, others are completely useless. There are plenty of synthetic vitamins, and vitamins that are not regulated.

The key is to follow a diet that helps you to lose the bad fat — not the good fat — and helps your body to keep the weight off, and to take vitamins that are bioidentical and that the body recognizes as its own.

Basic rule: If Yehovah didn’t put it in our bodies, don’t take it!

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