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8 thoughts on “Discover Secret Cancer Treatments from Asia

  1. Beat it 10 years ago with Cannabis Oil (THC, NOT just “CBD”) and Raw Food.
    I now have it in another area. My plan has been the same with the addition of a 21 day fast at the beginning, then a mostly Raw Food Ketosis diet. (Alkaline water during fast)
    Last time I was on my death bad basically. I had gone from 250+ to 160 lbs. before I started.
    There are many ways to beat cancer, but this is how I id it..It works.
    BTW, along the way, it eliminated MRSA from my system, something multiple PICC line treatments of Erythromycin couldn’t do.

    • BTW, the new cancer is my fault..if I had stuck to the nutritional truths I learned last time around, I wouldn’t be revisiting this issue again. Even though it’s back in a totally different place, I know if I had stuck with what I learned about cancer and food previously, I wouldn’t have returned to the toxic waste receptacle I am now. If I make it out this time, I am truly never returning to the world’s diet.

  2. All signed up. I know these people in the promo. I have watched numerous videos of theirs, featuring different doctors working outside the box. I’m a fan.
    Thanks brother.

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