24 thoughts on “Divine Coincidences

  1. I have seen signs happen before but since I have become disabled and can’t walk around for more than five minutes without pain I have become discouraged. My church I attended for 15 years is in apostasy and has no pastor now. I started attending a new church but having no results finding someone to sit with and wants to hang out with an old woman who is poor. I am alone with the LORD and my 2 cats… So your messages you send me are a real blessing. The other day I thought one the subject you are telling about now. I neex to believe the LORD is blessing me now I don’t have to wait till I die and go to heaven.

    • I am so sorry for your pain. I wish we lived close to each other so we could fellowship together. I will be praying for your healing. God bless you.Remember Jesus is always with you.Talk to Him like you would anyone, and He will answer you if you listen.

    • I will be praying for your healing and success in Your way. God bless you.
      Please don’t stop in asking the LORD to reveal You the situation an give You a new possibility. <3

    • Oh Karen, you and I are in the same boat, so to speak. Although I am only in my 50’s and I have a dog. I too, witnessed the supernatural three years ago and I cling to that experience. I know the Lord will heal me and use me in His time. In the meantime, I stay in the word, try to encourage those I see and speak to online. Most importantly, I keep the faith and the hope alive and try to focus on the gifts the Lord has given me rather than my physical limitations. I truly believe there is to be an outpouring of the Lord’s spirit, where people like you and I will be healed and will be given spiritual gifts to heal others and lead them to the Lord. I consider this a time of study and prayer. Healing hugs to you and many blessings.

  2. I want to be looking up thanking God is much more involved in my life than I realize, thank you dear Rabbi Schneider for this encouragement. 🙂

  3. Thank you Rabbi for the prophetic food and thank you for the reminder that the Glory of God is upon us. You are in my prayers, may God continue to Bless you and your ministry.

  4. Thank you, Rabbi. I used to keep a prayer journal that I would also keep newspaper clippings in when the Lord answered specific large-scale prayers. This was always a major faith builder when going back through times spent in the wilderness. I have been encouraged to start doing that again.

  5. Shalom Rabbi! I’ve had YHVH do many supernatural miracles in my life lately. I had to go to the hospital due to PTSD and delirium but HE broke a major stronghold that was holding me back. I’ve never felt better. So thankful to Yeshua HAMASHIACH

  6. when I open the Bible and read it relevant things pertaining to the Holy Bible what happened in my life so I agree with you Rabbi Schneider Shalom beloved I had a similar experience

  7. Just the other day I was at the birthday party of a nephew on my wife’s side. Her family has all but given up on God. I still pray for them and bring up Jesus but God’s will be done. So I felt hurt that my two nephews haven’t received a chance to know Jesus. The most they get is when my family saus grace on holidays. I knew I needed to pray for them so I simply asked the LORD to save them and nearly broke down. Those poor children! My wife was at her parents house later when (long story short) their mother offered to let us take them on weekends and bring them to church. No one knew about the prayer and their mother initiated the conversation. God is good! He wants to use us! I pray it leads to my nephews bringing their parents back.

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