10 thoughts on “Divorced People of Yahweh

  1. Shalom, brother Paul. What a sweet message . May it be an encouragement to others! and Yah lead those who need this word to your channel! Amein!

  2. Going down to your local COURTHOUSE to get a marriage license, may seem like the right thing to do. In reality you are giving license for the government to step in and tell you how it’s going to be.When someone wants a divorce. DO NOT GET A LICENSE

    • The same coldness one uses to judge others with will be the same coldness they are to be judged by. “Judge not, lest ye be judged”…thats what that means. We should have love, grace and mercy for others, as we do not know all of the reasons or the condition of anothers heart. Only Yah knows that, and not all hearts are the same.

  3. Bless you bother. I see why Yah allowed you to suffer through divorce. He says He will use even the evil things in our lives for the good of those who love Him. Shalom.

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