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If getting a biopsy to see if you had cancer actually spread the cancer cells to other parts of the body, would you still do it?

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
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17 thoughts on “Do Biopsies Spread Cancer?

  1. I have read this info several times over the years, so I believe it to be accurate. I think he used the word “malignant” when he meant “metastasize” at 0:45, however.

  2. sickened cuz my mother would of been alive today, and they knew then! i was only 18 and fairly stupid, and miss her every single day of my life, she came to this country from spain, 14 in her family, and she is the only one dead from disease, they said it was environmental, came here in her late 20`s, died at 48, wasnt a drinker or a smoker… there isnt a day that goes by.. maybe i could of tried to save her, maybe.. great informational video.

  3. 50% chance of malignancy or metastasis? surgical removal of a contained cancer can be life saving. a raw food diet prolonged my mothers life by years when it was in the brain. but delaying surgical treatment can cause spreading. also seeding depends on the type of cancer and the organ involved. I have a genetic form of melanoma that runs in my family. my brother who just got his thumb removed couldn’t have been more nutritionally sound with his raw food diet. he still chose to remove his thumb which I feel saved his life. I believe if he hadn’t been on this diet that his cancer would have been further progressed. my point is that there are many factors when considering a cure. raw food diet is essential but other factors should be considered.

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