This is a question a Christian radio hosts asked me when I was interviewed on his radio show. Do you agree with my reply? How would you have answered the question?


25 thoughts on “Do Christians Need To Follow The Old Testament?

  1. I would say they should cause its in the BIble and if it isnt followed but the rest of scripture is followed then might as well throw out the entire thing, Cause personally I love Yeshua too much to not discard Torah and Scripture itself.

  2. I follow OT Torah dietary laws. But, Yeshua said something like that his father is a God that no one has known before, so how can the God of the old testament be the same God of the new testament & the father of Yeshua- Jesus???? Please help! So many preachers that push OT have churches that have so much things look like BAAL worship. Look at how many churches have triangle, pyramid shapes & steeples that look so much like Babylonian Obelisk & Phallus’s. God forbids this stuff!

  3. an argument I run into is:”OK you say J’shuah is the living Torah – he died on the cross,so isn’t the statement right, that Torah was nailed to the cross?” How do I respond? Do I say – he is alive’n’kickin’ so Torah is alive’n’kickin’ as well. To the Colossians, Paul makes it clear he means the sin nature and the consequences were nailed to the cross; and in another instance he indicates J’shuah had to die for his faithless bride/creation(to count Adam&Eve in) to remarry again. Is that right?

  4. Here’s a a word study on Angel/angel of G-d. One will quickly discover WHO it was that gave Torah to Moshe and whom Moshe (and others) saw “face to face”. So, it was the pre-incarnate Messiah Himself who gave Torah, came as a man to teach and demonstrate how to walk out Torah, will come again and the whole of Torah, including sacrafices, will be put into practice once again. So, WHY would an unchanging G-d .. CHANGE?? IF He lied and changed..we cannot trust Him or His Word, can we?

  5. Very good! Even in the “church”, a new Believer is not suddenly “commanded” to know Scripture and OBEY it all all at once. It is a learning curve, so to speak. When Shaul was talking about only having the non-Jewish people following those 4.. it was because he knew that on every Sabbath they would be in synagogue being “taught Moshe” (Torah), and would learn what to do. This was his way of helping those not raised in synagogue to learn without being over burdened.

  6. Being Jewish is a blood line, salvationation. We who are not blood Jewish but hold to Messiah Yeshua and Torah are grafted in to the Nation Israel. We are Israelites and are one with all Jewish people who hold to Torah. G-d tells us that all the “law” pertains to the Jew and those who sojourn (join) with them… no difference. We are in His eyes. Hope that helps you!

  7. perfect answer and it was good that you explained the flawed view of scripture in a loving way that the Messiah did not say not to keep Sabbath but explained how to. Great analogy with crossing the road!

  8. Paul, after listening to your answer I wanted to post my response. I also agree totally with what you said including what you said about false pastor and teachers who say that all you have to do is just accept yeshua and that’s it. I was very impressed by you statements and I have been a subscriber. Thank you for your work.

  9. The Mosaic covenant has been fulfilled. You are under Grace, Not the law. Yeshuah clearly states what his commands are under the Blood Covenant. Love God, Love each other. It is not what you do “lest ye boast” that saves you but what God did that saves you. By Grace, through the blood of Christ God had enabled us to come to him free of sin. Marked by the Holy Spirit we are his. Don’t belittle what Christ did by putting yourself under the law. Through love the law has been and is fulfilled.

  10. I would like to interject some information for some brethren. What is a Jew? This word is not found in Torah if we do our due diligence we would know thru scripture that Jew represents just one of the tribes of Israel being of Judah. Now according to scripture their are 12 tribes of Israel 2 represent the Southern part and 10 represent the Northern part here are the 2 that come from the Southern Judah and Benjamin, now in reality we are called by one word which is Hebrew or Israelite.

  11. Concerning this interview around 6 mins. and 30 seconds, it is actually Matt. 5:19 when that statement was made about the least and the greatest …

  12. Mat 5.17

    Jesus said that we should follow the law and the word of the prophets.

    After Christs death the council of Jerusalem said you shouldn’t!

    A committee ignored the words of Jesus!

    • anon for good the book was put together to control people. It's ok to read for history but that's it. It's the biggest idol on earth and is the cause of many deaths. I live by the voice of the Spirit. The Gnostics did this and that's why they were killed, the early church did this and that's why Nero hated them. So the Dragon made this book to fool people

    • That describes it’s nature. To DRAG things ON. His time is short, he is trying to delay his impending doom. You can call the adversary whatever you want.

    • +A Voice
      So although you acknowledge that the Bible is flawed or corrupt, you still see a good vs evil, God vs Devil situation?

      I kind of see that more as a metaphor to explain the fact that we can be both. It takes a bit of rational thought to try to do the right thing, but you just have to fall back on base instinct to do the wrong thing. I think you have to be on your guard no matter what your religious belief.

      Thats the only real point that I try to make sometimes, that you might not have much in the way of a religious belief but it doesn’t stop you from trying to be a good person.

    • anon for good I learned by the Spirit a great Truth that what has been planted will come up the same. There are those of light and there are those of the dark. Duality belongs to them who reject the light. We are one being if of the light. The Dragons world is all about positive versus negative ying and yang but in the real world to come only the Truth reigns supreme. Peace

  13. The problem with laws is that they are imperfect. The Mosiac
    law is a classic example. It was given to a certain people at a certain time
    which is why they look so daft to us now. Laws are unworkable because they go
    out of date and they have loopholes. You can’t legislate for every situation because
    each situation is unique. You have to live by principles – and Jesus gave just
    one – love. A principle is like a mathematical formula – you put in the
    variables at the time and the answer is produced. Love is a timeless law that
    never goes out of date and works in all situations. See Romans 13:8 to 10 –
    love is the law’s fulfilment and is a perfect system. Christians can eat pork
    and shellfish and they can work on the sabbath.

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