The Spiritual Insights that we receive from this type of research is related to the validation process that we need for truth and righteousness. One of the key conclusions of postmodern culture is a rejection of the idea that objective truth exists. Truth is now regarded as a function of political and social power, and truth is used as a way to control a set of outcomes in one’s life. This is why the social media tech giants and internet search engines work so hard at manipulating the masses through their algorithms which prevent people from seeing certain types of news/information. As living in a postmodern world, the lines of truth are blurred more and more today as more and more people struggle with knowing what is truth, especially in areas of gender and sexual preference, where human rationalism goes out the door. Read more here:

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Bits of Torah Truths, Volume 5, The Torah and Gospel Message Series Paperback

Bits of Torah Truths – Series: Repentance – Volume 4 – Paperback

Bits of Torah Truths, The Joy of Torah – Volume 3 – Paperback

Bits of Torah Truths, Studying with the Rabbis – Volume 2 – Paperback

Bits of Torah Truths, Volume 1 – Paperback

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