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25 thoughts on “Do not be a people pleaser

  1. Shalom brother. I just tuned my guitar to 528hz, and when you preached, the guitar reverbed.
    I think your voice was pitched to 528!

  2. I love being unpopular. Thank you Yahwah, in the name of Yahshua. Please help me stop smoking cannabis in your time Yahwah. I know i’m not making it an idol, but it would be nice to not need anything to loosen the pain of this fibromyalgia. Please help me deal with the pain. Thank you Yahwah

    • Contact a Exercise Therapist I study with ISSA and fibromyalgia afflicted can benefit from exercise therapy, as well as massages the laying on of hands and prayer is key

    • @Flash Thompson yes prayer is key. And, I’ve been managing my own type of exercise therapies for the past 20 years or so, it was easier with my dog, because I had more reason to exercise. You are correct exercise helps tremendously, without it I wouldn’t be able to function especially with Restless Leg Syndrome. Vaccines messed me up as a child. When I used to see a head doctor, she said she was surprised I was still alive, because people with my issues end up committing suicide before they ever graduate high school.

    • If you are not specialized or been introduced to the science of exercise you don’t understand it’s depths. Simply exercising is not what I’m referring to. I’m referring to exercise specifically formulated to treat fibromyalgia.

  3. Thanks once again Brother Paul for sharing The Truth , Truth of Scripture , Yahweh’s Word, with us. One problem with the pastors of mega churches is that they have so much overhead/debt in paying for their business and keeping it going, that they have to tell people what they want to hear to keep the money coming in. Yeshua told the disciples to “go into all the world and preach the Good News about the Kingdom of God, The Gospel. He never told them to build Mega Churches. He called us to be “fishers of men”, not keepers of huge aquariums. You’re doing a great work Brother Paul. I don’t always get to listen, because of work, but I sure enjoy you always holding to the Truth of Yahweh and listen when I can!

  4. Its scary when you realize you have been brought up in a Baptist cult basically. But its not so scary when you realize you know what sin actually is now instead of guessing so you can ACTUALLY DO WHATS RIGHT!

  5. I drifted away because of the enemy who had caused some to take up Torah & the prophets & gospels without love but condemnation & an attitude of exclusivity. And I knew from when I was a child I knew that the Spirit of God is one of great love.
    So I thought that I had perhaps misunderstood in how I had started practicing obedience to Torah & observing the feasts. I was called as a child but I didn’t understand about obedience to scripture in love. I didn’t fully grasp obedience to Scripture because of Roman influenced Christianity. And once I fully learned how what is happening within the churches today is actually Roman via the RCC and that it’s corruption is actually nothing new but happened with the Greek & Babylon cultures & practices that tried to creep in even before the birth of Messiah Ben David, I realized it’s a consistent work of the enemy to try to get God’s children to disobey & compromise God’s commandments & instead to adopt a new culture influenced way to practice them which leads to disobedience.
    I had been on a bus traveling through Manhattan when I saw the Power & light of God resting over a synagogue and I was surprised. Whenever I had seen this power it was always from calling on the God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob in Yeshua’s name. And so it surprised me until I realized that Messiah Ben David is all over Torah & the prophets & though many don’t realize He is Yeshua Messiah, the one called Jesus Christ of Nazareth, it doesn’t mean they aren’t still putting their faith in Him and what the Word of God says about Him. And they obey Him in obeying the Scriptures.
    All of this plus discovering the repentance of those who had made errors in the Torah movement & the consistency of those who never wavered in love & obedience bought me back to The Way. And I’m trying to get back to the consistency & obedience I once had but hopefully even better. I hated being called religious when I was just trying to show my love for God by way of obedience. And thinking back to the times when the Holy Spirit led & moved amongst the gentile congregations when I waa growing up, I realized without knowing it they were actually keeping Sabbath by way of friday services & Saturday morning rest & relaxation. And we would have breakfast and talk about how God moved & did miracles during those services. Just by way of following the Holy Spirit they kept Gods 4th commandment. Many unfortunately have stopped and I see the negative effects of it and I honestly think it’s because of the influence of the secular world upon the congregation. My hope is that more people will turn back to His Word & following Him in love/ obedience & worshipping Him in Spirit & Truth again.
    Keep praying for the brethren. God is still faithful and the good work He started He will complete it. 💖🙏

  6. Thanks brother Paul. I have been preying for Yahweh to examine me. Brother Jacob talking last night about restaurants. And this message helps me to work on some stuff now. Praise Yahweh through Yahshua. Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters I hope you have a blessed week

  7. I find it harder and harder to follow The LORD. Because I am the only person I know who seems to want to obey Him. And, when everyone around me is encouraging my daughter to be more worldly. It’s like I feel really out of place. But I feel also like it’s my place to obey Him, not to drop away and go along with the rest. Like I explained to my sister why I don’t celebrate holidays like Easter, etc., and she brings me a book to read to my daughter about the very holidays I don’t celebrate. And then I can’t present it to her (my daughter), because we already don’t celebrate holidays like Easter. I am not going to tell her one thing and then read her a book that contradicts what I do and say. Why can’t people just respect that? Same with Shabbat, I am the only one in the house who tries to keep Shabbat. And everyone else just wants to do shopping, watching secular things, etc., etc. I feel so alone socially. But, I just study my Bible, and try to just spend time with Him. And it really helps a lot. And I am happier now than I was before, honestly. Just gotta meet other like minded people.

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