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21 thoughts on “Do Not Be Slow In Business

  1. I’ve seen people that expend more energy in the long run trying to avoid work or other responsibilities .
    I was raised in a Marine Corp home and there was no room for slothfulness .

  2. I’m slow to act, but I’m thorough, detail oriented. It takes me a good while to take on tasks, but I am king of overkill. I never have to repeat work, or make repairs 99% of the time. I do it slow, but I do it better than most. I’ve found that hoping for improvement offers nothing toward the successful completion toward that end. Hope is NOT a method to any end.
    I wish I could increase my faith.

  3. Okay,so let’s say you run a landscaping business and it takes you longer than the average businesses because you are detailed in your work. Isn’t it best if you give your clients their moneys worth as oppose to rushing through the job and potentially missing or forgetting something you’ve should have been doing?

    • +Randy Fuller, Yep, it’s one of the problems in the world. Some people are fastidious and hard working but they seem to be lazy or slow because people can’t tell the difference and so that fastidious and hard working person is not appreciated and is in fact looked over.

  4. Thank you so much for touching on this subject. TMH is doing a mighty work through you Pastor, I myself and many others I’m sure needed to hear this.

  5. Thank you – I’m working full time, doing over time at work, doing my part time online business after I get out of work. Plus going to the gym to get in shape to feel healthier. It’s hard, I love sleep so much. At the same time I’m tired of sleeping my life away. That I’m willing to sacrafise and only get 2-5 hours of sleep or none.

  6. Dude how can somebody who is so wrong be so right! Good word, well said and the scenery behind you puts nearly every man on planet Earth to shame. You who has converted to a similar religion as Saul match him in almost every way while you reject Yeshua. You are the reincarnation of Saul and not the incarnation of Yeshua and that my friend is the Truth “Straightway”! I challenged you to a debate and it did not surprise me you chickened out. To all my brothers out there serving the lies of the Israelite religion I say Come Out. Become one with Yeshua. We need more living Yeshuas and less Christians, Hebrew Roots, Catholics, Israelites, Mormons, Messianics, Jehovah Witnesses and every other offshoot of “churchianity”. My number is 916-280-8510 for anyone wanting out of bondage into Messiah.

  7. Brother, if I had a bowl of soup. I would share it with you. Good brethren you are truly bless. When YAH get here we all are going to have to answer for our evil ways. I have learned a lot from my mental YHWH Ben YHWH. But it hurt to see ppl act these way. People obviously think Yah is playing about hell fire and brimstone, no one wants to change.

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