(Torah Parashah #30 K'doshim
(Leviticus 19:1-20:27) 
As believers, we are told directly from our Creator that we are to be set apart. This teaching includes instructions on how to be set apart as well as warnings on what we have to avoid. I also talk about shaving versus having a beard. Are there any commands concerning this? Be sure to watch to get the whole story.


24 thoughts on “Do not conform to the world!

  1. Great info!  Beards are so natural and they make me feel more of God’s child. I seem to be more aware of the creators presence with a beard.  If we walk with the awareness of God, then our daily actions change.  There is honor in growing a beard and walking knowing that He is watching our every step.

    • with a beard, my dreams are not all crazy and all over the place. I think it does something that we do not understand. I have only shaved once in over 3 years and the last time when I did I could “feel” it was not right.

  2. unlike my pic i have a pretty sizable beard,,,and love it. But the more important issue IS salvation. And 95% of traditional Christianity is going about salvation like there mother the harlot”Rome/Catholics”. Love the Messianic Community and the revelation they have to offer but never here them talk about the essentiality of submersion in the name of yeshua/jesus the messiah. also romans 8:9 dont have his holyspirit you’re none of his. lets get on board with Acts 2:38 and john 3:5. Like the video

    • +Dr. Mark Kendrick Therefore we believe the Bible and deny science has relevance to understanding the world? We believe the bible and deny Evolution? Any control freak or psycho can say God spoke to them when they go and kill those they do not like! What is happening in the middle east is the same as the middle ages with witch burnings and queers thrown on the bon fires as well! All in the name of god!!!

  3. I have worn a beard since it started to grow when I was 18 years old. At that time I felt that G-d made us this way and I obeyed Him. I faced oppossition in many occassions but I still kept it. I am a son of YVHV and a follower of Yeshua. G-d bless you all.

  4. Shalom to all followers of forMashia Yeshua. Messianic Jews, the true faith. Thank you Paul. Your work inspires us. May our Creator bless you with a very long life.

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