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Do the health life now!

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14 thoughts on “Do the health life now!

  1. that shake looks good i want to be able to drink bananas! thanks for this video. i really need to go start up the garden today and your push is gettin me up thank you 🙂 i hope you have a great day as well thank you. do you have any suggestions for how to get sun vitamins without the sun? it’s been so cloudy and foggy out here in the Ozarks. I’m used to the high desert.

  2. Amen ….sweating daily is essential to living a healthy strong bones hardly sick life….I have loved running throughout my life…..I’m almost 49 years old and people think I’m in my 30 s…..Yahweh wants us to eat right sleep enough and sweat daily…..clean out our toxins and strengthen our bones folks….thank you again Mr. Wonderful for always reminding us to live in righteousness…..😘😁😇

  3. Or I live on a ridge , you can jog up and down the ridge in the beautiful redwood forest, and see the beautiful ocean it’s breath taking ,if you can’t make it to a gym there is so much u can do out side ,

  4. I agree. We need to motivate ourselves. I do not have a gym membership, but I train daily at home, and I also run outdoors. Being raw-vegan, I predominantly eat fresh produce (fruits & vegetables), I try to buy organic (affordability, accessibility is sometimes an issue), and I juice, plus blend (It may not always be affordable to by an 8$ green juice from a juice bar—so I’ll make it at home for half the money). Furthermore, we shouldn’t be around toxic people. They keep us in a stagnant state, and they don’t provide us with any kind of motivation to stay-on-track and to do positive things for ourselves. Always love your videos.🙏👍❤️🌱🙂

  5. Dangerous diet. In nature you would eat animals not fruit. In nature you would NOT be drinking smoothies wth xD . I wouldn’t survive the winter in norway if I was raw vegan. Think about it.

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