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In Acts 11:26 of the Bible it says the original believers were called Christians. Is that a correct translation and can believers today call themselves Christians or something else? Check out this video for the answer. Here is the link to the Rico Cortes Video I talk about
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34 thoughts on “Do You Call Yourself A Christian?

  1. Whats your opinion on the aramaic peshita? Its a syriac dialect of aramaic and not jewish gallilein. How can u be sure it was close to yeshuas aramaic in thought forms?

  2. I’m a Gentile Torah observen, became Messianic at the beginning of this year. my veil fell my eyes open wide, now I understand clear the WORD of ELOHIM. Halleluyah bless His Name. I do believe 100% that Paul it’s right not because he said, because I did search for the True in Messiah. Amen.

    • +eMichael E ohonestly, I don’t even know where to start! first off I’m not being judgmental or assuming you to be a heathen . You are correct that the covenant will be new as to where the law is located. No longer on stone but in our heart. Same covenant different location. Also the ordinances ( penalty for breaking said law) was nailed to the cross not the law itself! How is obeying commandments like , don’t have incest with your sister, don’t have sex with animals, don’t murder, don’t lie , and keep the sabbath set apart and holy, just an example of a few, how are keeping those commandments “doing it wrong”? Exactly? It sounds to me like you have a heart problem. You said “I just am not so stupid…” Are you insinuating that I am stupid? It’s not a question of stupidity but of ignorance!

    • +Michael E the Torah as well as Jesus, teach us what a relationship with our creator should look like. I have a relationship with my creator and I really don’t see where it has anything to do with you and your negative “feelings” about it. If you don’t agree with us, why bother with the debate, when it clearly has nothing to do with you? And I’m really not trying to sound snotty here but, I must tell you I spend most of my days debating the very word of Yahweh and it’s exhausting. Worst part is I can see when I’m dealing with someone who the bible tells me will have hardened their hearts and not receive the truth! I will pray for the scales to be lifted from your eyes and that this understanding will come. I challenge you to pray, go to the beginning of your bible and re read from the beginning and see if you don’t have a completely different understanding of the book. If you diligently seek him, you will find him . Good luck to you

    • +Andthe ChristianbecameaHebrew What do you think the truth is? Become a Jew and try to keep a set of instructions that were only designed for the land of Israel and for people who keep flocks, grow grain, and have a temple built with stone? If you think thats what it means to “have a relationship” with the divine, you must think its 1500 BC. What world do you live in? Yeshua brought the Torah on Steroids…and the Hebrew Roots Movement is CLUELESS about it all by trying to “return to Sinai”.

      You people think you know whats going on…but you are just ignorant blasphemers.

    • +Andthe ChristianbecameaHebrew There is nothing to “open my eyes” to, btw…I grew up doing and knowing what you just recently “discovered”…I guarantee I know the bible better than you do.

  3. “The word “church” is never found in scripture”?
    There is 114 times in the New Testament mentioned the word “church”. Although it does not mean organization with 10mil$ building with book keeping and high salary CEO-s

    • The word often translated as “church” in the NT is “ekklēsia,” which is an assembly of people or called out ones. It isn’t really the same as our modern idea of “church”. The Greek “naos” or “hieron” would probably be closer to what we consider a church, both of which are usually translated as “temple”.

    • +Sandy N Jesus Christ will not gonna marry to some building or an organization with tax benefits and book keeping. Church is living organism filled with saved people. It is body of Christ, not some denominational group with hierarchy from ordinary member to the top pastor/pope (read CEO). There is only one true Lord, one faith, one baptism, and it is baptism into the body of Christ.

    • +Gontainer your reply leaves me with the impression that you didn’t comprehend what I said above. Look back at the definitions and it should be more clear.

  4. Thank you for this. I am so happy Yah has put people like you out here to help a lot of us wade through all of the lies and paganism we have been taught. Elohim is calling many of us to seek His truth and it is amazing what we are learning. Abba bless you friend

  5. This is exactly how I answered a Christian who douted my faith- I told him he was a follower of Constantine and not the Holy Bible- not to mention lord of pagan traditions and holidays – glad to know I was in the right track!

  6. I can’t call myself Christian because what a Christian beliefs I don’t. But following Yesuah is being defined by Torah lifestyle. Very different.

  7. Amein…since learning and understanding Torah, I find it difficult to title myself “Christian” because realizing they celebrate Easter and Christmas, and Sunday worship. I left that behind when I was introduced to the truth…Torah, God’s instructions not Church instructions.

  8. as a christian i trust messianic jews more than i trust the christians. why? because most of the christians are liars. they preach on the streets than after that they don’t follow and its true because i witnessed a lot . is there anyway i could convert to messianic judaism?

  9. Thank you your message was an answer to what I have been thinking about for some time I could not tell people I was Christian because I don’t do what the Christians do I was lost in words

  10. Acts 11 verses 23 to 26 says the believers were first called Christians In Antioch. Please do a new video to correct your statement that anyone who calls themselves Christian is following Constantine.

  11. I knew there was something about you that I didn’t like messianic Jew 😂 you cannot be both MR rabbi or whatever you are, you cannot be gay and straight at the same time

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