Do You Have Any Fear of God?
Many Christians today do not understand what the fear of God truly means. How do you feel about sin is a great way to reveal where your heart is for Yahweh.

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9 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Fear of God?

  1. I thought that we are all sinners. The fear of YHVH is to hate what is evil. We are to love our neighbors, and obviously they are sinners too. We are also told to love our enemies. I didn’t think our fight was against flesh, but against the principalities of the air.

    • Yes we are all sinners but we need to repent and not enjoy our sin. If we have a fear of Yahweh we will not make a practice of living in sin

    • I agree with all that. Maybe I am misunderstanding you Paul, but it seems like your saying that it isn’t scriptural to love the sinner and hate the sin. I believe that is exactly what we are called to do since we are all called to love our neighbors and our enemies. Love covers a multitude of sins. I just don’t believe we are to hate sinners. We are to be patient with sinners, kind to sinners, not selfish with them, etc. They don’t have to be our best friends and we don’t have to condone the sin by loving them. Love what you do Paul, this video just seemed odd to me.

  2. People have this concept of a sweet baby Jesus! If you would read his word you will find out you need to fear him and love him. The Lord has been teaching me this very thing for the past few days!

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