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How much do you love or hate the exotic king of fruits, Durian? Today on the show we introduce durian to some friends and see their reaction.

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27 thoughts on “Do You Love The Durian Fruit?

  1. I dont understand why they said it is smelly or something. Because for me cheese smell and taste is worse than durians. Sometimes I am thinking cheese smells like morning breath. Yuckkk…

  2. What the heck this people’s, think it tastes just like Onion? Nothing tastes like Onion Lolz. Durian had a good smell and flavors in it’s.

  3. Interesting. He said it smelled like a volcano in there, and she said it tasted like onions. You know what those two have in common? Sulfur. That could also explain the smell. Foul smells are often sulfur based. Sulfur also has a yellow color. Sulfur compounds are really healthy. Lowers your blood pressure.

    EDIT: heard that you mentioned sulfur later =)

  4. I’m a Malaysian, and we love durians too… 😉 If you ever here, will…….definately bring you to get some seriously strong type of Durians.. 😉 Love your videos man…Awesome!

  5. i love durian…but its soo exspensivesi i barely eat it. an native indonesian friend told me becareful you dont eat too much durian it can make you dizzy and it makes you hot as if there is alochol in it…and told me to drink coconut juice or salt walter to cool myself down from it…i wonder if it has some sort of alcholic properties in the fruit I never knew about that

  6. Durian is often served with mangosteen, in a custard or smoothie. I have not tried Durian yet, but am looking forward to it, I love mangosteen. Both fruits are in season at the same time. Thank you for this video.

  7. It can only find at penang(batu lancang).,if lucky you all can find it in all the states in Malaysia but only in season fruit!try it.,im promise you don dispointed bro

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