Today I introduce the durian fruit to some of my friends. I love doing this and seeing people's reaction. The question of the day is, do you remember the first time you tried Durian? How was your experience? The first 2 times I tried it I really didn't like it but the 3rd time was a charm. I loved it. Enjoy today's video.


9 thoughts on “Do You Remember The First Time You Tried Durian?

  1. Paul,
    I recall Harley (Durianrider) said to never buy the frozen durians because they are soaked in formaldehyde or some other nasty chemicals. What do you say?

  2. YOU, just have to go to Malaysia, Penang in particular to taste great durians. The ones you get there is probably from Thailand, they aren’t that tasty.

    And you are absolutely right. No 2 durians are the same. There’s a lot of variety. And also the quality of the durian depends on which part of the tree they were on.

    Durians are best eaten a few hours after they fall from the tree. Plucked durians is usually done for oversea markets.

    Freezing them is correct. Chemicals will mess them up.

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